Method to improve the working efficiency of stone crusher

Performance of crusher is more and more advanced. We should fully understand how stone crusher works to be able to take various measures to improve the working efficiency of stone crusher and produce the more advanced crushing system

Application of Stone Crusher

Stone crusher is the machinery crushing the rock chunks into fragments with extrusion, splitting, bending, impact, crush and other methods. Stone crushing has applications in many fields. According to the different needs of crushing demand, stone crusher is divided into primary stone crusher, secondary stone crusher two, tertiary stone crusher and so on. The output granularity of different stone crusher is also different. Currently, a variety of stone crushing equipment has been widely used in many sectors like, mining, smelting, building materials, mineral processing, highways, railways , water conservancy, cement, coal and chemicals.

According to different handling capacity for the hardness of materials, stone crusher can be divided into jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, compound crusher, roll crusher and so on. Jaw crusher is mainly used for primary crushing various chunks of stone. Impact crusher is often used for building sand, iron ore, sand, gypsum, coal, lump coal and other medium-hard, brittle ore crushing. What's more, it can also be used in small cement raw material crushing production line. Cone crusher is suitable for intermediate crushing and fine crushing for hard or especially hard materials such as a variety of ores, cement, refractories, bauxite, carborundum, glass raw materials.

Stone Crusher Working Principle

The main crushing methods of stone crusher including gravel crushing, chipping, breaking, etc. Different stone crushers often have a clear division of labor. Different location on the production line, the particle size of the material is not the same. This is due to the different devices using different stone crusher working principle. How stone crusher works? Jaw crushers crush the ore by the movable jaw plate moving periodically against the fixed jaw, then crushing the ore caught in the middle. Impact crushers crush the ore relying on a strong counterattack force made by the crusher rotor and back plate to keep the material in the crushing chamber cycle rally and eventually broken. The outer cone of cone crusher is fixed and the inner cone eccentric swing, materials between the inner and outer cone was crushed or broken. Roll crushers crush the material with continuous crushing and grinding action made by the two counter-rotating rollers rotating in a circle. The toothed roller surface also has chipping effect.

Improve Work Efficiency of Stone Crusher

1. Materials should distributed as evenly as possible, in order to reduce the impact and wear to the crushing parts.
2. Controlling the particle size composition of the material. The more fine material content in material, the lower working efficiency of the crusher will be. Therefore, using a vibrating screen separated the fine material as crushing preceded will improve the efficiency of the crusher.
3. Pay attention to the size of the ore blocks. In the operation of the crusher, especially in the coarse crushing, we should prevent the too large ore block into the crusher, avoiding a sharp crusher vibration and reduced working efficiency of stone crusher.
4. Reduce humidity and viscosity of materials. When the material with high humidity, it is easy to make attachment and occlusion in the crusher, resulting in crushing capacity decreases.
5. Choose the crusher with good quality wear parts. Better wear resistance, the greater of crushing capacity. If the wear resistance is less, it will affect the crushing capacity and reduced efficiency.
6. Keep the maintenance and maintain good lubrication, repair and replace the wearing parts timely.

Affection of the Efficiency for Crushing System

Crushing operations can be complete through different crushing systems. Crushing system is crushing production line. According to the material properties, the demand crushing ratio, production scale and used crusher, different systems should equip with different crusher. Softer materials often use one crusher to meet the requirements of the material grain type, which is the use of primary crushing system. The harder material need to use two or three crusher to meet the requirements of the material grain type, which needs several crushing stages carried out to meet the requirements and it is the use of secondary or tertiary crushing system. The more crushing series, the more complex the system will be. Not only the investment cost of the equipment and civil engineering increased, but also with low labor productivity, high maintenance costs, more dust. Therefore, we should reduce the series of crushing system, through a variety of methods to improve efficiency of each crusher in the system. All this will simplify the crushing system and reduce power consumption and production costs.

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