Best Quality Pumice Powder Grinding Application in Concrete Aggregate

The development and utilization degree of pumice will affect energy policy development around the world. Pumice has become an ideal natural lightweight aggregate. Pumice can be used to produce the pumice concrete, which is a new building materials product.

The Difference between Pumice and Volcano Ash

As a lacunaris glassy rock, according to pumice eruption in shape and size, there are differences in the way. Small particles of pumicesare called volcano ash, pea sized pumicesare named as volcano slag. Although volcano eruption has great harm, but the volcano ash is an excellent natural fertilizer, it contains a variety of crop nutrients required. Cuba and Indonesia are rich in sugarcane, in addition to climate factors; volcano ash has important influence on it. As we all know that the Djawa in Indonesia, as a small island, half the country's population live in here. One of the reasons is that the Djawa is at the junction of the Eurasia plate and India plate, because of multi volcano activity, it has deep fertile volcano ash, which can promote local agricultural production. Nowadays, with the development of industry technology, pumice has become an ideal natural lightweight aggregate;we can use it to produce the pumice concrete, which is a new building materials product.

Pumice Global Applications Reflecting the New Energy Advantage

1、 Pumice canbe used as building material.
Pumice can be used to make natural lightweight aggregate, such as wall panels, roof insulation layer, heat insulation, heat-resistant concrete, cement raw materials, building decoration materials.

2、 Pumice can be applied to grinding and packing industry.
Glasses and spectacles grinding material, soft metal and plastic polishing agent, circuit board cleaning abrasive polishing, electroplating metal, pumice can play a huge role in these industries.

3、Pumice can used as thermal insulation materials.
Asa main raw material, through high temperature melting, the pumice can be used for ceiling insulation. On the other hand, pumice can replace calcium carbonate as one kind of plastic fillers.

Pumice Concrete Application Has Great Market Advantage

Pumice surface roughness, whose particle density is 450kg/m3, the loose bulk density is about 250kg/m3. Natural pumice porosity is about 7l.8 - 81%, water absorption rate is about 50-60%. Pumice is famous for its light weight, bulk density of less than 1 g / cubic% and it can float on the water surface. It is characterized by light weight, high strength, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no pollution, no radiation, so we can say pumice is an ideal natural, green, environmental protection products. With China clay brick is disabled gradually, various regions are actively seeking a new wall material substitute products to meet the development of construction industry. Pumice is an ideal natural lightweight aggregate; pumice concrete has enormous competitive advantage in the building materials market.

Processing Analysis about Pumice Concrete Quarrying Plant

The productive process and method of pumice concrete is relatively simple, usually it is based on the features of resources make production according to market demand. Pumice process used in construction industry is as follows: ore sorting---crushing---drying---sieving---products. Industrial pumice process mainly includes ore crushing---drying---purifying---wet grinding---products. Pumice concrete quarrying plant is mainly a milling process in which Ball Mill、SCM Ultrafine Mill、Raymond Mill can make great contributions to making pumice applied to concrete aggregate.

Customer Evaluation on the Development and Utilization of Pumice

As a kind of natural and cheap building materials, the development and utilization degree of pumice will affect energy policy development around the world. As a distributor of building materials products, I am very happy to see the pumice can be widely used in the concrete industry. With the help of grinding ore mechanical equipment, the application of pumice can get better development in the world. We need new production process about resources and advanced pumice processing equipment.

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