Pyrophyllite Quarrying Crusher Machine Used In Pyrophyllite Processing Plant

Pyrophyllite quarrying crusher machine is the main processing equipment used in mining plant. SBM provides high quality pyrophyllite crushers and the related maintenance knowledge for all the clients.

Introduction of Pyrophyllite:

Pyrophyllite is a kind of very soft silicate mineral, and it belongs to monoclinic system. This material is usually in the density lump, flake or radial collection. It is white, micro-strip pale yellow or pale green, translucent. It has iridescence of vitreous luster, pearl shape; 1-2 hardness and the proportion is 2.66 ~ 2.90.This pyrophyllite has grease sense; chip can bend without elasticity. Pure pyrophyllite is white, grey, yellow, with candle light, and it has a soapy handing feel.

Pyrophyllite is abundant is China, the United States, South Africa, Brazil, Thailand, Pakistan, India, South Korea and Japan. In South Korea, the un-pure pyrophyllite will be used as cement ingredient and the white pyrophyllite will be used for rubber, paint, base, brick and so on packing. Pyrophyllite prices will be different because of the alumina content, iron and other impurities, color, wear resistance, the influence of adsorption, etc.

Pyrophyllite Application:

Pyrophyllite is hydrous aluminum silicate and it is mainly composed of quartz, kaolinite, sericite. Some pyrophyllite also has kaolin or sericite. Pyrophyllite is always composed with quartz, sericite and other machinery foreign substance, and iron oxide, calcium oxide and magnesium oxide and potassium oxide and other debris.

Pyrophyllite have many industrial and agricultural purposes, such as can be used as paper-making, paint, plastic, rubber, paint, etc. for the filling material and spraying of ingredients, also can be used as the main raw material of producing glass fiber. Quality of pyrophyllite can be used as raw material for arts and crafts. People often use it as a pencil or tailor's chalk or carved small objects, etc.

Pyrophyllite Quarrying Machines:

Pyrophyllite is a kind of soft material and its quarrying machine usually refers to the crushing machine. In general, the mineral quarrying machine includes crushing machine and grinding machine. Pyrophyllite is soft and the crusher is enough for the whole quarrying production line. SBM is a professional mineral ore crushing machine manufacturer from China and we has produced high quality and advanced crushing equipment for the worldwide clients. Our crushing machine is welcomed by America, South Korea, South Africa, Brazil and India etc.

Jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, roller crusher machine all belong to SBM's star crushing products. Based on over 20 years' production experience, our experts suggest the jaw crusher used as pyrophyllite quarrying crushing machine.

Mobile Pyrophyllite Crusher Plant:

Mobile pyrophyllite crusher plant is such a mining processing production line which includes feeding machine, crushing machine and conveying equipment. This new crushing plant technical process has been optimization and it has the crushing processing performance of stone crushing, aggregate production and open-pit quarrying.

This new crushing plant combines different types of machines and it can form a powerful crushing line and complete the processing work of different requirements. Mobile pyrophyllite crusher plant has advanced design, excellent performance, high production efficiency, convenient and careful maintenance, economical costs and stable reliable operation.

Compared with the fixed crushing plant, SBM mobile crushing plant is just like a medium size crushing plant which can move and its working efficiency is higher than the fixed ones. And then, the running operation cost is superior to the same-level or higher-level fixed crushing station.

Pyrophyllite Quarrying Crusher Machine Maintenance:

Here will introduce the main pyrophyllite quarrying jaw crusher maintenance for you all.
 Turnoff the jaw crusher regularly and inspect this machine. Any stone crushing machine should be shut down to check the main equipment when it works for a long time.
 Check the jaw crusher conveying belt. Regularly adjusting tightness of the conveyor belt to guarantee the machine to receive strength evenly.
 Lubrication. For every 400 hours working, it should add suitable amount of grease; when it works for 2000 hours, you should open the spindle assembly bearing for cleaning. In general, when the machine work 7200 hours, it need to replace new bearing.

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