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looking for portable gold processing plant

Qeustion: then will the machine be sued in saudi arabi?

Answer: no, it will be used in Sudan, in Africa

Location: arabic

Products: PE Jaw Crusher, PF Impact Crusher, Hammer Crusher


Contents of Dialogue

Hillary 07-07 20:56:29

Thank you for accepting the dialogue,this is hillary  of SBM online service,what can i do for you with our machine?

arabic visitor327 07-07 20:56:49

looking for portable gold processing plant

Hillary 07-07 20:57:08

i see,machine to process gold ore,right?

arabic visitor327 07-07 20:57:28


Hillary 07-07 20:57:43


arabic visitor327 07-07 20:57:44

on wheels for easy transport from one location to another

Hillary 07-07 20:57:54

then What kind of machine are you interested in? CRUSHERS OR GRIDNING MILLS?

arabic visitor327 07-07 20:58:10


Hillary 07-07 20:58:18

got it, we cna help you

Hillary 07-07 20:58:31

Can you tell me your email adderss and contact number?more details will be sent to you by our sales manger.

arabic visitor327 07-07 20:58:45

Ali Qahtani

arabic visitor327 07-07 20:58:55


arabic visitor327 07-07 20:59:02

Phone Number: 009665****

arabic visitor327 07-07 20:59:05

Saudi Arabia

Hillary 07-07 20:59:15

thank you,mr Ali

Hillary 07-07 20:59:25

So are you going to use the machine for your own company or sell it to your clients please?

arabic visitor327 07-07 20:59:43

no, we will use ourselves

Hillary 07-07 20:59:57

got it,good

Hillary 07-07 21:00:07

then will the machine be sued in saudi arabi?

arabic visitor327 07-07 21:00:20

no, it will be used in Sudan

arabic visitor327 07-07 21:00:29


Hillary 07-07 21:01:36

oh,i see,thank you

Hillary 07-07 21:01:50

you need one set machine only or the complete processing plant?

arabic visitor327 07-07 21:02:07

complete processing plant

arabic visitor327 07-07 21:02:20

we have sand and rocks with some gold deposits and gold ores

arabic visitor327 07-07 21:02:27

we need to crush refine gold

Hillary 07-07 21:03:23

i see, do not worry we can help you

Hillary 07-07 21:03:33

 could you please tell me how many tons per hour you planning to produce?it will be helpful for choosing a suitable model for you


arabic visitor327 07-07 21:04:21

around 100 tons per hour of gold ores

Hillary 07-07 21:05:02

ok,What about the final size you need?

arabic visitor327 07-07 21:05:18


Hillary 07-07 21:08:42

got it

Hillary 07-07 21:08:52

Could you tell me which industry does the final products used in?

arabic visitor327 07-07 21:09:12

gold jewelery

Hillary 07-07 21:10:38

oh.i see, to make gold jewelery

Hillary 07-07 21:12:49

Do you have other email address or contact number,please? In case of we can't contact you with the ones that you gave.

arabic visitor327 07-07 21:13:29

use same one

Hillary 07-07 21:13:56


Hillary 07-07 21:14:08

then For the long cooperation,and knowing your need better ,would you please let us know the name and website of your company? Thanks

Hillary 07-07 21:16:59


arabic visitor327 07-07 21:17:22


arabic visitor327 07-07 21:17:30

im waiting for your offer and catalouge

arabic visitor327 07-07 21:17:33


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