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use the crusher and screen to process which raw material

Qeustion: that ll be an later but for the time being metal crusher n screener, want to use the crusher and screen to process which raw material?

Answer: stone, granite, construction


Products: PF Impact Crusher, T130X Reinforced Ultrafine Mill, Vibrating Feeder, Mobile Cone Crusher

Contents of Dialogue

Elaine 02-24 08:52:05

Welcome to our website, this is on line service, may I help you?

visitor38 02-24 08:52:17

good morning

Elaine 02-24 08:52:33

Are you interested in our products? the crusher or the grinding mill?

visitor38 02-24 08:52:40

can you tell about flyash product

Elaine 02-24 08:52:49

we mainly provide crushers, grinding mills and their optional equipments( such as sand making machine, sand washing machine, vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, dryer, magnetic separator etc) for stones, ores, coal etc.

Elaine 02-24 08:53:01

we can provide the machine to process the fly ash

visitor38 02-24 08:53:48

how do we get the raw material for it

Elaine 02-24 08:54:17

sorry, i don't know much about fly ash

Elaine 02-24 08:54:34


visitor38 02-24 08:55:03

ok i am interested in your products too but i may contact another time

visitor38 02-24 08:55:28

can you pl tell about ur product n prices

Elaine 02-24 08:55:35

you are interested in our machine? which machine?

visitor38 02-24 08:55:47

crusher screener etc

Elaine 02-24 08:55:57

the price depends on the type ,capacity and other factors

Elaine 02-24 08:56:15

may i know your name and email? our sales manager sends you more details

visitor38 02-24 08:57:24

i am originally from srilanka and my details are : fazal mohamed email: ***

Elaine 02-24 08:57:40

you want to process the fly ash?

h2120224visitor38 02-24 08:58:17

that ll be an later but for the time being metal crusher n screener

h2120224visitor38 02-24 08:58:31

is what im interested in

Elaine 02-24 08:58:59

want to use the crusher and screen to process which raw material?

h2120224visitor38 02-24 08:59:14


h2120224visitor38 02-24 08:59:16


Elaine 02-24 08:59:29

for construction or mining beneficiation?

h2120224visitor38 02-24 08:59:35


h2120224visitor38 02-24 08:59:42


Elaine 02-24 08:59:48

How many tons per hour do you need?

h2120224visitor38 02-24 09:01:00

you may have to give me range based on price then i ll be able to work out based on the budget and available opportunity etc

Elaine 02-24 09:01:09

May I know your company name and contact number please? Our sales manager may call you to communicate if necessary.

h2120224visitor38 02-24 09:02:33

i am abroad at the moment but i may be discussing the with my partners and some one ll be appointed later on to continue the negotiations with you

Elaine 02-24 09:03:10

sure. your project will be used in srilanka?

h2120224visitor38 02-24 09:03:24


Elaine 02-24 09:03:36

Thanks for your information. we will reply you asap.

h2120224visitor38 02-24 09:04:11

thank you very much for your time and i appriciate for all inf

h2120224visitor38 02-24 09:04:28

good bye

Elaine 02-24 09:04:28

ok, our sales manager will reply you asap, have a nice day,

Elaine 02-24 09:04:30


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