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quartzite crushing machines process quartzite

Qeustion: need some info on quartzite crushing machines

Answer: we supply quartzite to ferro-silicon plants. five of them as a matter of fact.


Products: PFW Impact Crusher, Hammer Crusher, Raymond Mill, Magnetic Separation Machine


Contents of Dialogue

Sophia: Welcome to visit our website. This is SBM on-line service.  May i help you with our machines?^_^

visitor: karma

Sophia: hi how are you ?

visitor: good, n what about you?

visitor: r you online sophia?

visitor: need some info on quartzite crushing machines

Sophia: good

Sophia: we can offer quartzite crushing machines

Sophia: so your raw material is quartzite?

Sophia: right ?

visitor: yes indeed. it is quartzite.

Sophia: good

Sophia: our machine can process quartzite

visitor: we supply quartzite to ferro-silicon plants. five of them as a matter of fact.

Sophia: may i ask what is the final production you want to get ?

Sophia: powder or granular ?

visitor: we produce quartzite lumps

visitor: more closer to granular

Sophia: get it ,thanks

Sophia: we can offer the machine you need

Sophia: could you please kindly leave me your phone number and email address ,please?

Sophia: More details will be sent to you.

visitor: sizes range from 40m to 60 mm

Sophia: what is the final size you want to get ?

visitor: thanks for the info.

visitor: like i said, 40mm to 60mm

Sophia: you are welcome

Sophia: get it ,thanks

Sophia: our machine can process that

Sophia: could you please kindly leave me your phone number and email address ,please?

Sophia: More details will be sent to you.

visitor: my email add is

Sophia: thanks .This is Sophia from China . May i have your name ,sir?


visitor: you can also mail me at ****

Sophia: i see ,thanks

visitor: name is karma

Sophia: thanks mr karma\

Sophia: Would you mind telling me your cell-phone number please? It would be more efficient for our sales manager to get contact through telephone.

visitor: phone no. is 0236****

Sophia: thanks \

Sophia: can you share me How many tones materials that you want to process per hour?

visitor: 20 to 30 MT per hour would be good.

Sophia: get it ,thanks

Sophia: So are you going to use the machine for your own company or sell it to your clients please?

visitor: use it for ourselves

Sophia: For the long cooprtation,would you please let me know your company name and website? thanks


visitor: we have a quartzite mine

Sophia: i see,thanks

Sophia: may i ask which country are you from and which country will the machine be installed?

visitor: the name of the company is Druk Mining Pvt. Limited. we are in bhutan. sorry we don't have a website as yet. we hope to have one soon.

visitor: i hopw you have heard Bhutan. it is a small country just south of China (Tibet).

Sophia: i see,that is all right

Sophia: thanks

Sophia: yes

Sophia: it is a beautiful country

Sophia: so the machine will be installed in Bhutan?

Sophia: right ?

visitor: i hope to hear from your sales manager then.

Sophia: yes

visitor: the machine will be installed in Bhutan. yes that's right.

Sophia: our sales manager will contact you wihtin 48h

Sophia: i see,thanks \

visitor: thanks for your time, sophia.

Sophia: by the way ,what is the final production used sfor ?

Sophia: for ?

Sophia: you are welcome

visitor: our quartzite is used for the production of ferro-silicon.

Sophia: get it ,thanks

visitor: ferro-silicon goes into the steel industry.

Sophia: get it ,thanks and by the way ,when will your project begin ?

visitor: our project is already on. presently we are doing it manually. i am looking at mechanizing the process so that we can increase our quartzite production.

Sophia: get it ,thanks

Sophia: so Do you have other email address or contact number,please? In case of we can't contact you with the ones that you gave.\

visitor: i am looking at meeting the domestic demand and then also looking at export markets mainly in india and bangladesh.

Sophia: i see,thanks

visitor: the ones i gave should be perfect.

Sophia: get it ,thanks

Sophia: \thank you for your information.our sales manager will contact you within 48h.please wait patiently


Sophia: Anything else I can do for you ?


visitor: been a pleasure getting the info from you.

visitor: thanks very much indeed.

Sophia: my pleasure

visitor: bye for now and so long.

Sophia: .May god will give all happiness in your life. Bye

visitor: many thanks and god bless yoou too. bye.

Sophia: thanks,you too  bye

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