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Stone crusher for paving asphalt roads

Qeustion: I have an enquiry for a mobile crusher for Sudan, Africa

Answer: Stone crusher for paving asphalt roads

Location: Sudan, Africa

Products: PE Jaw Crusher, PF Impact Crusher, Hammer Crusher, Raymond Mill

Contents of Dialogue

visitor288 10-22 10:28:22


service3 10-22 10:28:23

Hello ,can I help u with our machines?

visitor288 10-22 10:28:54

I have an enquiry for a mobile crusher for Sudan, Africa

service3 10-22 10:29:08

Wonderful ,I think we can help you a lot.

service3 10-22 10:29:10

May I have your email address ,please? and our  engineer will send you the details about it ASAP.

visitor288 10-22 10:29:53


service3 10-22 10:30:27

May I have your name and nationality ,please?We need that for a record.

visitor288 10-22 10:30:43

Ibrahim Idris

visitor288 10-22 10:30:47


service3 10-22 10:31:04

Can you tell me more information about the products  you need ?and then ,our sales manager can make give you better advice and service.

service3 10-22 10:31:06

what is the raw material?

visitor288 10-22 10:31:17

May I have your name and position, please

visitor288 10-22 10:31:42

Stone crusher for paving asphalt roads

visitor288 10-22 10:32:57

I am standing by, waiting for your reply

service3 10-22 10:33:30

 COCO ,online service

visitor288 10-22 10:33:45

what is coco

visitor288 10-22 10:33:52

Is that your name?

service3 10-22 10:34:00

we are located in shanghai China

service3 10-22 10:34:02


visitor288 10-22 10:34:17

Is your position online service?

service3 10-22 10:34:23

Coco is my name ,and I  am online service

visitor288 10-22 10:34:24

I know that

service3 10-22 10:34:27


service3 10-22 10:34:32


service3 10-22 10:34:36

How about the feeding size and the output size you need ?

visitor288 10-22 10:34:46

are you trying to be funny?

visitor288 10-22 10:35:07

Tell me what you have got and the prices

service3 10-22 10:35:24


visitor288 10-22 10:35:34


service3 10-22 10:35:47

our sales will tell you the price later

visitor288 10-22 10:36:00

Medium size crusher will be fine

visitor288 10-22 10:36:06


service3 10-22 10:36:30

and try t o tell me more ,and our sales will also give you better advice

service3 10-22 10:36:41

So,How about the feeding size and the output size you need ?

•  visitor288 10-22 10:38:43

PE Series Mobile Medium Size Plant

service3 10-22 10:39:11


visitor288 10-22 10:39:29

•  PE Series high performance jaw crushers

•  Incorporated the feeder and vibrating screen into the crusher

•  Everything on board: crusher, feeders, screens, belts and power installations

•  Quick road transportation thanks to king pin arrangement

•  Installation support legs on the track,quick to set-up

•  Electric motor and control cabinet are on the same truck

service3 10-22 10:39:43

yean I  see

visitor288 10-22 10:39:56


service3 10-22 10:40:04

 and what is the capacity you need ?

•visitor288 10-22 10:40:50

What medium capacitied do you have availanble now?



service3 10-22 10:41:24

our sales will tell you that later

service3 10-22 10:41:28

May I have your phone number,please?If possible ,our sales manager will call you.

visitor288 10-22 10:42:21


visitor288 10-22 10:43:09

It seems like you are just getting information from me to send to the company.

service3 10-22 10:43:22


service3 10-22 10:43:35

quite right

service3 10-22 10:43:39

Thanks for sharing your information with us.

visitor288 10-22 10:43:59

why can't you put me in touch with the sales manager who handles Africa?

visitor288 10-22 10:45:00


service3 10-22 10:45:22

 because he is not available sometimes

service3 10-22 10:45:35

but we will contact you  ASAP

service3 10-22 10:45:43

juat be patient

service3 10-22 10:45:54

it is very kind o f you

visitor288 10-22 10:46:32

I am patient


service3 10-22 10:46:45


service3 10-22 10:46:51

Very nice talking with you,have a nice day.

service3 10-22 10:46:52


visitor288 10-22 10:47:23

I thought you said you are preparing an answer foir me

service3 10-22 10:48:18


visitor288 10-22 10:48:35

I am not leaving anywhere

service3 10-22 10:48:48

our sales will send all the information you n need to your email later

service3 10-22 10:48:51

ok ?

visitor288 10-22 10:48:59


visitor288 10-22 10:49:02


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