Project overview

Solution design - installation and debugging

Zhumadian customer has an old production running line less than 3 years in basalt crushing site, they adopted other domestic manufacturers of equipment before, while it has general capacity and high maintenance cost, which led to change most main equipment within 3 years. Finally, the customer replace SBM industrial group’s equipment: two sets of HST315 single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, one PE900 * 1200 jaw crusher in December 2015, now host device HST315 single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher using the current top intelligent control methods in china, after the transformation of installation and debugging nearly a month, it has been put into running about three months. Besides, the production of sand and gravel aggregate size is excellent, it is very popular even if there is a higher price in building materials market, of course, users are very satisfied with SBM industrial group's products and services.

Project background

  • China to increase investment in infrastructure, which is influenced by "The Belt and Road", "13th Five-Year" plan. "The Belt and Road" along involving the more than 60 countries, infrastructure construction is in the accelerating period, total investment or up to $6 trillion. 2016 China Railway Corporation plans to complete the investment 800 billion yuan. "12th Five-Year" railway fixed assets investment will achieve 3.58 trillion yuan while the new production line of 3.05 million kilometers in operation, compared with "11th Five-Year" growth of 47.3% and 109% respectively. Railway, highway and other infrastructure needs a large number of sand and gravel aggregate, so high quality sand aggregate production has become a craze for many enterprises to invest.

  • Natural sand mining costs have become more and more high after years of continuous mining, which cause natural sand resources are rapidly reduced, natural sand have been exhausted or nearly exhausted in many areas, however, natural sand are non-renewable resources, some areas make regulations to strictly prohibit the exploitation of natural river sand, in order to maintain the natural landscape, protect dyke dam, protect the ecological balance.
    Under the influence of policy and environmental factors, Hebei Shijiazhuang area encourage enterprises to promote mechanism sand production for protecting ecological environment.

  • Basalt has the advantages of high compressive strength, low crushing value, strong corrosion resistance, good adhesion, etc. It has been recognized as the best material in the construction of highway, railway and airport runway in the world. Not only that, basalt is also quality aggregate of high-rise building or lightweight concrete, this is due to the characteristics of many pores and hard, it can make concrete lighter with the admixture in concrete, besides, firm as well as sound insulation and heat insulation, it is very favored by the major building materials market, which is very strong demand for basalt material, meanwhile basalt investment has a bright prospect.

Performance standard

Raw materials: basalt, above 750mm

Raw material properties: universal hardness grade 7 or above

Output specifications: five kinds of product aggregate,0-5mm、5-12mm、12-24mm、24-31mm、31-40mm

Capacity: 450-500 tons / hour

Product application: mixing station, road construction, high-speed rail construction

Equipment configuration

According to the requirements of customers, product material has five kinds after crushing basalt, therefore, among the production line configuration, SBM industrial engineers replace coarse and fine crushing equipment with low capacity and efficiency according to the original production line equipment situation, at the same time a multi-level product screening, equipped with PLC intelligent control and dust removal system, which ensure entire production line is highly efficient and environmental protection.

The production line including PE900 * 1200 jaw crusher, two sets of HST315 single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, one ZSW420 * 110 vibrating feeders, five sets of 3Y2160 circular vibrating screen, one transfer bin, one dust removal system, along with ten sets of belt conveyor.

Equipment Quantity Use Operation mode
PE900×1200 jaw crusher 1 unit Coarse crushing Manual
HST315 hydraulic cone crusher 2 unit Medium and fine crushing PLC intelligent control
ZSW420×110 feeder 1 unit Coarse feeding Manual
3Y2160 circular vibrating screen 5 unit Medium and fine screening Manual
Transit storage bin 1 unit Storage bin Manual
Dust removal system 1 set Remove dust Manual

Process analysis

20-750mm basalt after separation is given into primary jaw crusher PE900 * 1200 by ZSW420*110 vibrating feeder, then crushing down to 0-300mm is transmitted to transfer bin through belt conveyor. Transfer bin is arranged below the hydraulic valve and small vibrating feeder, first, through the feed and conveyor to two sets of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher HST315 crushing, second, enter the two sets of 3Y2160 circular vibrating screen and return above 40mm material to transfer bin, last, sieving materials under the product screening of three sets of 3Y2160 circular vibrating screen.

  • HST hydraulic cone crusher

  • Process flow chart

Intelligent control system salute to "industry 4.0": HST315 single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher highlights

  1. The main equipment used by customers is mainstream equipment in currently domestic mine crushing industry ---HST315 single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, in addition to the equipment advantage of high efficiency, low cost, long service life, intelligent electronic control system has become a major highlight of the production line. Intelligent electronic control system can provide manual control, constant feed control, multi row constant power control mode of operation for users to choose; we can continuous monitor crusher internal actual load and automatic regulating device, so as to optimize the utilization rate of crusher, which make crusher can play best performance at any time; besides, intelligent electronic control system can automatic monitoring and alarm and display various operating parameters, then real-time understand crusher operation. As: it can not continue to use when the lining board wear to replacement period, it will automatically display and alarm in the control panel.

  2. 1. central control system: central control system is a special control product that SBM industrial group for large crushing production line or customers with centralized control requirements, the whole system's central control unit is industrial computer, and read the PLC through a variety of communication technology (programmable controller), then collect the status of equipment, furthermore computer sends commands to control the equipment on site according to equipment scene status, so as to realize the remote control of information equipment and equipment record analysis, along with the printer to print out the equipment operation report and other functions. The central control system can realize the automation, intelligence and concentration of the production line, which can meet the requirements of the customers and achieve the decentralized management, centralized control:

    1). centralized control equipment, remote control, remote parameter setting.

    2).data records, historical inquiry, data printing, boot time recording, automatic storage run time.

    3). flexible system, convenient operation, powerful function, share resource, high safety performance.

    4). the powerful communication function, the system expansion function, the remote control of the Internet of things, user can view equipment status at any time.

    5). high degree of automation equipment operation and fuzzy control. Greatly save labor and material costs.

    6). realize the monitoring visualization, production line automation, achieve individual start and stop, a key to start and stop, single control and interlock switch, automatic determination operation fault, automatic stop related equipment in fault condition.

    7). rapidly complete the production line upgrade based on the optimization of the production process latter.

  3. 2. remote monitoring and control system (IOT): this system allows all devices integrated into network, Wherever we are, customers will be able to view machine's availability as long as there is a device that can access internet, and access to historical records remote monitoring control system, what's more, we can also provide instant warning service, furthermore, when grinding mill is in trouble, we will promptly notify the relevant personnel downtime and provide remote guidance service, it's very convenient without dead angle.

Manufacturers PK: explore SBM industrial group how to break siege take a series of orders

Zhumadian basalt production line is a typical case of SBM industrial group quality and service PK off other manufacturers. Zhumadian customer basalt crushing site is an old production line with 2-3 years, they used other manufacturer's equipment before, the result was that general production and high maintenance cost, which led to they changed 3-4 sets main equipment within 2 yerars. Eventually, they choose SBM industrial group a series of crushing equipment production through market research.

1. Company strength: SBM industrial group is leading shaping sand crushing and screening complete equipment manufacturers in the world, company developed the production of mining crushing, crushing buildings and towers of sand series products have been widely used in most of world's countrys mining and metallurgy, municipal engineering, high-speed railway, highway, bridges, ports, airports, water (nuclear) power plant, along with construction of key projects in areas, in addition, SBM with excellent quality and perfect service is best-known all over the world.

2. Product quality: SBM industrial group maintain this standard is to win by quality in the 30 years of development, aim at customer site used by other manufacturers of host equipment is often damaged problems, SBM industrial group provide material terminator for customers according to the hardness of basalt --- HST single cylinder cone crusher, not only products quality are excellent, also equipped with intelligent control system, which was totally out of customer expectation.

3.Dramatic production: Due to customer has been in production, in order to avoid customer disruptions caused economic losses, SBM industrial group received task after the preparations in advance and ensure customer site is not lack of inventory, so as to allow customers business as usual. The installation engineer to work overtime in 6 days on site, then install two units and sovle other issues completely, so that customers into normal production, and reduce losses.

4. After-sale service: In the development of more than 30 years, the company's services have always been a good reputation, in the premise of standardized service upgrade, company continued to improve the service system to create a more experienced service team, for one thing, we free venue planning for customers, then design, install foundation and chart, for another thing, we provide most professional technical training and assign technical personnel on-site guidance, installation and commissioning. Company's services regions around the world is about more than and 160 countries, we firstly use traditional home service and online service double service measures under the influence of intelligence, now we solve customer needs without dead angle.

Customer reviews

We used to domestic small factory equipment before, while we replace the host device again within two years, which led to high maintenance costs. We are learning SBM industrial group has most advantages in the aspects of mining after the market investigation, so we buy two sets of single cylinder cone crusher and one jaw crusher with this cooperation, from signing the contract to put into operation with less than a month, SBM industrial group is impressing me deeply, not only equipment of good quality and service efficiency is very high. Our project will continue to cooperate with SBM industrial group later.


Customer site

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Crushing and screening production line configuration common sense

In general, crushing production line process is as follows: (raw material bin) - feeder-jaw crusher-transit goodwn-cone crusher(impact crusher) - vibrating screen-product goodwn. Actually, we must consider some conditions in the crushing production line: the production line scale, material properties, input and output size, discharge Method and other special requirements.

1.The production line scale: The crushing production line scale directly determines the size of equipment selection, which determines the investment of equipment. Take 200t/h production line example, you can configure high energy jaw crusher HJ98, HPT300 multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, etc; For 300t/h production line example, it is better to configure PEW860 european jaw crusher, HST160 single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, HPT300 multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, etc, For another 500t/h production line, It is a good choice to configure high energy jaw crusher HJ125, HST250 single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, HST315 single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, etc.

2.Material features: The choice of crusher equipment is decided by soft or hard material, granite, basalt, pebble, various ore, and other material application: cone crusher:limestone, dolomite and other soft materials application: impact crusher for middle crushing.

3. Input and output size:

(1) input size: decision on the choice of jaw crusher, such as 500mm feed can be configured PE600X900 jaw crusher, 600mm feed can be configured PE750X1060, etc.

(2) output size: the same model is different, and capacity is different.

Granite     CSB160     HPT300

output size 25mm     150t/h     200t/h

output size 40mm     200t/h     250t/h

4. Several material discharge: two layer sieve: two kinds of product material and one kind of returning charge; three layer sieve: three kinds of product material and one kind of returning charge.

5. Special requirements: it is necessary to make different configurations according to according to actual crushing needs in the crushing production line configuration. Such as increase de-ironing separator in the raw materials with iron briquette; strict environmental requirements need to increase the dust remover; site require sand washing can increase sand washing machine; need to configure electric generator if there is no national electricity.