Saudi gold project of Manhattan investment group, USA

Manhattan capital group is an international company, which is engaged in investment banking, venture capital, direct investment, technical property rights exchange and brand strategy consulting in New York. The group has a higher rate of return on gold projects invested in Saudi Arabia. After many investigations, finally they chose our company's HPT500 (1 unit), HPT300 (two units) as the main crushing equipment of the production line. Final product particle size is 13mm.
Daily operation: 18 hours; Material: Gold Mine; Output size: below 12mm.

On-site Photo


Customer Feedback

Our production line needs some crushers. We always bought some of Europe's equipment in the past. We investigated SBM industrial equipment this time and found their technology is not worse than the European technology and the price is much lower than that of European equipment. In actual production, the equipment's quality is very excellent and trustworthy.Person In Charge of Group Project

Production Process