Project Overview

Scheme design --- installation and debugging

This energy enterprise is the R&D base of coal clean & efficient utilization in Shandong, the micro-coal pulverization technology of which can greatly promote the transformation and upgrading of coals. During the process, the micro-coal is the pulverized particle processed by mills to meet fineness requirement. The line makes fuels combine with air by pulverized technology and after rotary current appears, the fuels conduct float combustion in the industrial boiler and reach high-efficient combustion by thermal, measurement & control and exhaust gas purification systems at natural gas emission levels. The 4 sets of MTW and auxiliary equipment are used for pulverized coal production, which can not only improve input-output ratios, but also greatly ease emissions of dust, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

Project Context

According to reports of Coal Association, more than 70% coal enterprises are faced with grim situations --- losses, which make the transformation of the coal industry imminent. So, under the premise of controlling total amount of coal consumption, how to improve economic benefits of traditional coal enterprises, how to utilize coal resources efficiently and how to reduce coal pollution on environment have become the problems explored by many enterprises.

  • Coal enterprises in cold winter
  • National Policy Support
  • Local Government Support
  • Environmental Pressure
  • Economic & Environmental Benefits of Coal Combustion Itself
Coal enterprises in cold winter

According to reports of Chinese Coal Industry Association, over 70% coal enterprises are faced with grim operation situations --- losses. Meanwhile, the country is also actively promoting market-oriented reforms and structure adjustment of coals at the policy level. Under the context of disentangling relationship between supply and demand, the transformation of the coal industry becomes imminent.

National Policy Support

National Energy Administration recently releases Coal Clean & Efficient Utilization Action Plan (2015-2020), which defines key tasks in 7 aspects. One demand is high-efficient boilers in partial areas should be up to above 50% by 2020. The fifth plenary session of the party’s eighteenth conference proposes promoting clean& efficient utilization of fossil energy. Obviously, high-efficient and environmental coal boilers are key energy-saving technology projects promoted by our country.

Local Government Support

Shandong government provides subsidies for early stage costs of key PPP projects through fiscal policies promoting transformation; meanwhile, the government announces the notice to formulate high-efficient and environmentally-friendly coal boiler promotion action plans (2016-2018): the boiler is mainly used for steam and heat supply and focuses on “five-one project” to accelerate popularization and application of it.

Environmental Pressure

The traditional industrial boiler adopts bulk coals as fuels with large emissions of smoke dust and gas pollution, while if it adopts pulverized coal as fuels ---- smoke dust ≤30mg/m3, sulfur dioxide ≤100mg/m3, nitric dioxide ≤200mg/m3, which are below national emission standards and meet local environmental demands.

Economic & Environmental Benefits of Coal Combustion Itself

When the traditional coal-fired boiler is transformed into pulverized boiler, the coal combustion efficiency is higher than 98%; thermal efficiency is higher than 90% and saves over 30% compared with traditional one; the comprehensive operation cost decline is up to 20-30%. Compared with natural gas boiler, the fuel procurement cost of pulverized coal boiler is about 1/3 of that of natural gas boiler.

Performance Standards

Customer Address:Shandong

Equipment:4 sets of MTW215 Euro-type Mill (the second phase), the auxiliary feeding, pulverizing, dust removal, powder collecting, transportation, storage and nitrogen protection devices.

Processing Materials: coal

Finished Product:pulverized coal

Granularity of Feedstock:<50mm

Granularity of Finished Product:200 mesh on screen: 80%

Capacity:the project with annual output ---- 1 million tons of pulverized coal (the second phase)

Production Line Equipment Configuration

Host devices of pulverized-coal preparation system

4 sets of MTW Euro-type Mills (the second phase)

The integrated system of MTW Euro-type mill is the new generation of grinding equipment with world’s advanced level. The equipmentl adopts bevel gear transmission as a whole, internal thin oil lubrication system, online measuring of oil temperature and many other advanced technologies with multiple independent-patent technology property rights. The whole system has the advantages of small areas, less comprehensive investment, low operation costs, high efficiency and environmental protection and so on.

System composition:,Raw coal bunker, Weighing coal feeder, MTW Euro-type Mill, Powder concentrator, Fan, Iron separator, Drying system, Conveying system;

Accessory Equipment of Coal Powder Preparation System

  1. Nitrogen-making system
  2. Fire extinguishing system
  3. Pneumatic conveying system
  4. Intelligent central-control system
  • 制氮系统

    Nitrogen-making system

    After being compressed by compressors, the air enters into high-efficient degreaser to remove most oil, water and dust; then it enters into frozen air-dryer to remove a lot of water, then enters into dust filter to remove dust, and finally enters into gasholder for buffering as well as oxygen & nitrogen separation system of adsorbents, namely nitrogen-making machines. Clean compressed air enters from the bottom of the adsorbent; the airflow evenly enters the adsorbent after air dispersion with nitrogen flowing out from the outlet into the nitrogen gas buffer tank.

  • 灭火系统

    Fire extinguishing system

    When temperature inside the protection zone exceeds default alarm temperature, the alarm signal will be delivered to the host alarm; when the host alarm gives orders, the alarm ring will give an alarm and the carbon monoxide concentration alarm signal will also be connected to the fire-alarm host through signal lines; when the carbon monoxide concentration is more than the default alarm concentration, the sound & light alarm will begin to alarm and the alarm host will start 30s delay reverse; when it reverses to 0, the host alarm sends signals to carbon dioxide fire-extinguishing system and the nitrogen-cylinder starts to open corresponding magnetic valve, namely the nitrogen starts this system to extinguish fire. The system has four control methods, including automatic, manual, mechanic emergency hand-control and urgent stop & start.

  • 气力输送系统

    Pneumatic conveying system

    The pneumatic conveying system can realize long-distance transportation by conveying coal into storage tank of finished products.

  • Intelligent central-control system

    Intelligent central-control system

    With the industrial computer as the core unit of the whole system, the central-control system can read out PLC or ECS through various communications technologies. It can control on-site equipment according to instructions from computers through acquisition of field equipment status, thus realizing such functions as remote control of equipment, record & analysis of equipment information and printing of operation reports of equipment.

    MTW euro-type mill is equipped with expert intelligent-control system designed especially for mills and adopts ESC intelligent control, which can realize both remote and central control by phones, ipad and other mobile devices, namely realizing the check of production-line operation situation.

Process Analysis

The raw material in the storehouse is conveyed to the scraper conveyor through the quantitative belt feeder and is dried up in the dryer, and then it is conveyed to the enclosed storehouse through sealed scraper conveyor, transferred to the warehouse by carrier vehicles and finally is feed in the inside of MTW215 mill through weighing coal feeder. After being classified by powder concentrator, the grinded powder enters into powder collector along pipes (residual air is collected by pulse dust collector). The collected finished coal powder enters into the coal elevator through spiral conveyor system for storage and is transported by tankers based on demands. The complete system has been added with nitrogen-making system and carbon dioxide system to provide explosion-proof and extinguishing protection and explosion-proof valve is installed on key parts to prevent equipment damage.

Project Advantages

Project Total-package Service

In order to maximize the save time limit for the project and reduce customer investment, this project adopts total-package service. Total –package service is the service project “turn-key” designed especially by Shibang targeting at customer demand --- production convenience. The service runs through all parts, including environment surveys, process design of production lines, test of raw materials, analyses of finished product, budget of investment costs, equipment installation & debugging, thus avoiding input delay for lack of construction materials and human resources. The total-package service has maximized production convenience and satisfied emergency needs of customers, which also receive high praise from customers in Shandong.

Convenient Operation

To improve the easy-operation performance of coal production lines, this production line adopts unique two-step operation --- drying and milling. The two-step system refers to the solution to separating drying and pulverizing with lower temperature of grinding chamber. This preparation process is unique to MTW Euro-type mill --- relatively simple and easy to control, which can greatly improve safety performance of the production line.

System composition:Raw coal bunker,Dryer,Weighing coal feeder,MTW Euro-type Mill,Pulse dust collector,Powder collector,Fan,Coal bunker of finished product,Pulverized coal bunker,Monitoring system,Explosion-proof system,Central control system;

Small Investment

MTW euro-type mill adopts bevel gear transmission as a whole, internal thin oil lubrication system, online measuring of oil temperature and many other advanced technologies with multiple independent-patent technology property rights. The whole system has the advantages of small areas, less comprehensive investment, low operation costs, high efficiency and environmental protection and so on.

High Security and Environmental-protection Performance

To ensure the fire-proof and explosion-proof performance of coal during preparation process, the production line is equipped with the nitrogen gas and carbon-dioxide extinguishing system to guarantee safety and stability of equipment in operation.

Meanwhile, effective measures are taken to strictly control dust content of emissions within regulated range. The production line also adopts advanced pulse dust collectors to reduce its effect on surroundings.

Project Total-package Service

Two Steps of Drying and Grinding

Pulse dust collector

Benefit Evaluation

Economic Benefit Evaluation

To reform the traditional coal-fired boiler with micro-coal atomization technology can improve combustion efficiency up to 98% and heat efficiency to 90% and improve tons of steam from 5.5tons to above 9 tons. Compared with the traditional coal-fired boiler, this technology can save over 30% coals, 20% electricity, 10% water, 60% land and 50% human resources; the coal sales reach 0.8 billion and profit tax reaches 0.1 billion.

Social Benefit Evaluation

The pulverized coal produced from this line is supplied for industrial boilers through micro-coal atomization technology, which has broken the traditional coal combustion status in bulks. So, it becomes the model of efficient and clean coal utilization and promotes the transformation of coal, which has great implications for coal enterprises to go through the cold winter.

Environmental Benefit Evaluation

Various air pollution indicators have reached emission standard of natural gas boilers and realized no dust, slag or smoke.

Customer Feedback

As this coal production line is massive and high-demanded on coal quality, we are very prudent in the choice of manufacturers. After long-time consideration and inspection, we finally choose the equipment of Shibang, which has given us professional solutions and services from on-site investigation to installation & debugging. The 4 sets of MTW we purchase are running very well with production over designed capacity.

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Extended Reading

Micro-coal Atomization Technology

Micro-coal Atomization Technology

The core of this technology is “micro-coal configuration and eddy current atomization for many times”, namely making high-speed rotary vortex air and 200-mesh micro-coals enter into swirl atomizer together, then micro-coal combine with to form rotary current and conduct float combustion by thermal, measurement & control and exhaust gas purification systems to reach natural gas emission levels.

Micro-coals adopted by the high-efficient micro-coal boiler system are 200-mesh ones formed from selection, drying and grinding, which are managed and distributed uniformly to effectively ensure stability of coal quality and cancel dispersed coal heaps, thus reducing field pollution. So, this system is equipped with high-efficient and energy-saving, clean emissions, high-automation levels and environmentally-friendly advantages ---- outstanding economic, environmental-protection and energy-saving benefits. To robustly develop and promote high-efficient and environmentally-friendly boilers is of great significance to push clean coal utilization, improve atmospheric environment and develop energy conservation & protection industries.