Jaw crusher applied surpassingly in India construction waste

While the economic development, the garbage generated by enormous do harm to society. Jaw crusher in India is gradually developing and show a series superiority of jaw crusher in construction waste disposing course. Currently, with the market demand, jaw crusher price in India is also growing.

 Construction Waste Problem in India

Starting from India's independence, the government implemented a series of economic development plans to promote the development of the national economy and other domestic infrastructure. Behind the rapidly growing, environmental problems is also continue to highlight. Only in 1995, the damage caused by environmental problems had reached $ 9.7 billion. In recent years, a variety of construction waste in India makes it the fifth largest country after the U.S., Germany, Japan, China's. There is more than 2,500 tons municipal solid waste produced each year, of which 70% are construction waste. The accumulation of large amount of construction wastes not only occupy large area, but also produce dust causing air pollution. Glue, paint and paint and other substances in the construction waste is difficult to degrade and also contain harmful heavy metals. Long buried underground will cause groundwater pollution and soil pollution. Meanwhile, construction waste also has the security risks as collapsed and so on, which deterioration of the urban environment, affecting normal life.

Jaw Crusher in India

In India, aware of environmental problems, the government actively encourages industry to explore recycling process. In the end, people find jaw crusher in India has good performance in dealing with construction waste. Jaw crusher is mainly used for construction waste coarse crushing and secondary crushing. According to the width size of the inlet, it can be divided into large, medium and small. The inlet width of greater than 600mm is large machines. The inlet width of the midrange 300-600mm is the medium sized machine. The inlet width of less than 300mm is minimal machine. The construction waste after a preliminary selection can be put into different types of devices based on the hardness and volume size. Jaw crusher produced by SBM has simple structure, high crushing efficiency, reliable operation and easy maintenance. This is a effective solution to the problem of low production rate caused no time to overhaul in the operation of original equipment. In addition, the features of high level of automation, without human contact material, improve the labor intensity and working environment. Therefore, this crusher is very popular and jaw crusher price in India is also rising.

Superiority of Jaw Crusher

1. Lower noise, less dust, less environmental pollution. This is the most advanced superiority of jaw crusher.
2. It has large crushing ratio and uniform final particle size.
3. Simple structure, reliable operation and low operating costs.
4. Lubrication system is safe and reliable. It is easy to replace parts and the equipment maintenance is simple.
5. Crushing chamber is deep and no dead zone, improving the feeding capacity and output.
6. Energy-saving: the energy saving of single equipment can be 15% -30% and the system can be 50%.
7. Large adjustment range of discharge gate and can meet the requirements of different users.
8. Discharge port adjusting device is Gasket type, which is reliable, convenient and has large adjustment range, increasing the flexibility of the device.

India Jaw Crusher Market Conditions

In recent years, the Indian government begins to pay attention to the harm of construction waste, supporting and encouraging the development of jaw crusher and other construction waste disposal equipment. The competition of jaw crusher market in India is increasingly fierce. Jaw crusher embarks on a development model with core competitiveness to adapt to the requirements of modern ecological civilization construction and social development. In recent years, the composition changing of construction waste has make new and high demand on the technology, performance and quality of products. Jaw crusher innovation has become the development trend of the industry, but also the power for the development of industry. SBM claims to promote the development of construction waste disposal equipment. Firstly, we should make reform and innovation actively to follow the trend, and constantly research and produce the products which adapt to the requirements of social development. Secondly, we should strengthen the management of innovation and improve the technology combination of industrialization and information, using the Internet to make information around the world.

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