American mineral resources and mining situation

The United States has abundant mineral resources, which is the world's important minerals producer and consumer.The mineral resources and mining management system in the United States has certain representativeness in the western developed countries.

This article tries to make readers have a general understanding and grasp for the early 21st century American mineral resources and mining situation.

Mineral resources in America

Mineral resources are abundant in America .According to the U.S. geological survey in 2006 and 2006 BP world energy statistics review provides the latest data, the proven mineral reserves are now: oil 3.6 billion tons; 246.643 billion tons of coal; natural gas 192.5 trillion cubic feet; 6.9 billion tons of iron ore; molybdenum 2.7 million tons;35 million tons of copper, etc. Among them, the coal, rare earth, iron ore, molybdenum, copper, lead, zinc, gold, silver, boron, diatomite, natural sodium carbonate, barite and other mineral reserves account for the world's total reserves 7.1% of (coal), 14.8% (rare earth), 4.3% (iron ore), 31.4% (Mo), 7.4% (copper), 12.1% (pb), 13.6% (zinc), 6.4% (gold), 9.3% (silver), 23.5% (b), 27.2% (diatomaceous earth), 95.8% sodium carbonate (natural) and 12.5% (barite) respectively. In addition, the gypsum, talc (and pyrophyllite), kaolin, bentonite and other mineral reserves and resources in United States are in a leading position in the world.

Distribution of mineral resources in America

USA oil and gas resources are mainly distributed in the five major expected and more than 30 oil and gas basin.Montana and Illinois are the two most abundant coal resources in USA.The metal mineral resources such as copper, lead, zinc, gold, silver, molybdenum, uranium, etc. are mainly distributed in the western region.Iron ore resources are mainly distributed in the lake area.Non-metallic mineral resources are spread all over the United States, but the majority is in eastern and western areas. In 2005, the U.S. oil consumption is for 20.66 million barrels a day;coal consumption is 1.0234 billion tons; natural gas consumption is 21.978 trillion cubic feet; which is respectively 25.0%, 19.6% and 23.0% of the world's consumption.

America consumption of natural resources in 2000-2005

In 2000 to 2005, six years, refined aluminum consumption changes between 523.0 and 6.161 million tons; the average annual consumption is 5.747 million tons.Consumption of refined copper changes between 229.0 3.01 million tons and the average annual consumption is 2.505 million tons; refined lead consumption Changes in 146.9 to 1.694 million tons, which average annual consumption is 1.58 million tons. Refined zinc consumption changes between 101.8 and 1.315 million tons and the average annual consumption are 1.166 million tons.

Refined nickel consumption changes between 11.8 and 147000 tons, the average annual consumption is 130000 tons.Refined tin consumption changes between 4.21 and 57200 tons and the average annual consumption is 48800 tons. Tungsten consumption changes between 1.01 and 14500 tons and the average annual consumption is 12500 tons. Molybdenum consumption changes between 1.96 and 34200 tons and the average annual consumption is 26500 tons. In short, although the United States has abundant resources, its highly developed economy consumes too many resources, which lead to the "energy crisis" in the United States. The government of USA often has excuses to wage war just for energyin one way or another.

America mining industry

As for large consumption of mineral resources, mining industry in America is very developed. Mining machinery manufacturing industry is also very developed in America. In some open-pit mine, some mining crushing plants are very popular. Most of them are designed by experts, who are from some famous manufacturers and suppliers of mining machines. Shanghai SBM is a professional manufacturer and supplier of mining machines in the world, which has traded with more than 170 countries so far.

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