SBM mining machine for South African platinum group of metals

SBM branch office in South Africa supplies a set of mining equipment for the mining of platinum group of metals and can improve the purity of metals.

 Reserves and Applications of South African Platinum Group of Metals

Since 2004, the platinum group of metals becomes the largest mineral production value of South African. In South Africa, one part of the platinum mines is the natural platinum-iron alloy and the other part is the sulfide with iron, nickel, and copper ores. The proven recoverable reserves platinum group of metals is about 18,000 tons and the total reserve is 62,200 tons. South African platinum group of metals accounted for 87.7% of the total world reserves and the ore grades is 3 to 8 g / t, ranking first in the world.

Platinum group of metal is an important noble metal. They have the good resistance of high temperature, oxidation, corrosion, abrasion and good thermoelectric stability, expansion coefficient, good high temperature strength. Coupled with a wealth of resources in South Africa, to make platinum group of metals have a very wide range of uses and plays an essential role in the aerospace industry, automotive industry, electronic measuring instruments, magnetic materials, electrical contact materials, precision resistive material, temperature materials, precision instruments, etc. Of course, platinum group of metals are widely used to make jewelry and other ornaments in daily life.

Mining Processes and Equipment for South African Platinum Group of Metals

Because there are a variety of excellent performance South African Platinum Group of Metals, coupled with such resources are very scarce, the mining of platinum group metals is very important. In South Africa, there are different characteristics for platinum group metals distributing in different regions. Platinum group metals we commonly see including platinum, palladium, rhodium, and osmium and so on. These metals are rarely naturally occurring, mostly are natural symbiotic with other minerals such as iron, nickel, copper and others. To obtain high purity platinum group metals, people tend to choose the most appropriate method for its mining to avoid waste.

Based on years of production experience, the engineers of SBM branch office in South Africa summed up a series mining and processing methods of platinum group metals. Common platinum group metals mining process include: blasting, crushing, screening, grinding, grading, washing mud, magnetic separation, flotation and other steps. In this process will use a lot of equipment, including jaw crusher for primary crushing, cone crusher for fine crushing, sand making machine for shaping, sand washing machine for cleaning, vibrating screen for screening, milling machine for grinding and other fine processing and grading machine, mine washing machine, magnetic separator, flotation machine to improve the purity of platinum group metals.

SBM Crushing Plant for Platinum Group of Metals

Shanghai SBM is a professional international enterprise which is professional in the mining crushing machinery and industrial milling equipment. Integrating contrivance, production and sales, the company occupies the global market with reliable quality and excellent after-sales service. At present, the company development and production of mining equipment and industrial mill series products have been widely used in many fields.

The SBM crushing plant for platinum group of metals include jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and son on. For the feature of platinum group of metals, the SBM cone crusher is the ideal crusher to processing. It is a new type and high efficiency cone crusher which collects mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automation, intelligent control technology into one set. It has a number of unmatched advantages compared to traditional crushers, such as high crushing efficiency, low production costs and easy to maintain and adjust, broken products with excellent grain type and can be widely used in the medium crushing, fine crushing and super fine crushing operations.

Mining Machines for Platinum Group of Metals

Generally, the platinum group of metals in the international commodity markets is spongy, ingot, rod. Commercial grade products containing platinum group elements shall not be less than 99.8%, which platinum and palladium must be greater than 99.5%. The platinum group of metals used in the experiment containers or electrical connector requirements purity greater than 99.9%. Therefore, the role of the platinum group metal ore is very important.

For the low low-grade platinum group of metals, we can use the SBM mining machines. The SBM mining machines for platinum group of metals is a set of beneficiation equipment to improve the purity of metals.

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