The configuration and tendency of ultrafine mill

This paper shows a clear direction for the development of crushing and grinding industry based on it’s current situation and enormous obstacles in production, along with government’s development policy. It tries to provide reference and guideline for the manufacturers.

With the rapid development of technology, manufacturers from all kinds of industries are trying to constantly update their technology so as to achieve automated production and high profits. As to modern engineering technology, ultrafine grinding plays a more and more important role in the R&D of Hi-Tech, thus, the demand for high-purity ultrafine powder is growing. Meanwhile, China persists the course of sustainable development, putting environmental protection the same place with economic development, which will lead the development of ultrafine equipment toward the direction of nanoscale. Manufacturers will pay more attention to the study of environmentally friendly and high efficiency, and the study for crusher is deepening as well.

The utilization degree of various minerals depends on the extent of its deep processing, including ultrafine grinding, ultrafine classification, fine purification and surface modification, and ultrafine grinding is the prerequisite and guarantee for all the deep processing. The development of ultra-fine grinding technology decides the effect of the rational development and utilization of mineral product somehow. Whether it can reach the anticipated goal, liquid phase is the key point. Due to the efforts of developers, China has made a great progress on the development of industry in recent years, and also has had some huge breakthrough in deep processing technology. The demand for self and related fields’ can be basically meet.

In recent year, users have put forward higher requirements on the ultra-fine technology. They want a high processing efficiency under the premise of qualified final product. Thus, a lot of new-type ultra-fine grinding mills have sprung up over the past few decades. The most prestigious one in domestic is the Super pressure trapezium mill from SBM. It is designed by the engineers and technical worker, based on many years production practice, adapted world leading powder making technology. It is highly appreciated by the majority of users, not only for its high fineness, but also a wide range of applications. In addition, the equipment’s configuration is very simple and occupies only a small area, helping customers saving plenty of money.

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