High-efficiency Slag Crusher Create the Myth of Making Solid Waste Disposal into Zero-pollution

Nowadays the solid waste pollution is difficult to govern. The slag itself as a kind of solid waste has many other useful resources. Slag crushers can promote the added value of solid waste and realize zero-pollution by processing them.

In the present, the concept of sustainable development has permeated into all-round aspects of production and our life with the development of Industry. Energy conservation and environment protection and some other words have come into the public’s view and gradually become a trend. In the steel industry, Slag crushers has widely applied this development trend and got good results.

Slag is the solid waste generated in the process of blast furnace iron and steel making. The slag discharged by steelmaking can be divided into converter slag, open-hearth slag and electric furnace slag on the basis of furnace shapes. The slag output is about 15%~20% of crude steel production. According to statistics, China currently has 300 million tons of slag and will increase by 84 million tons per year. If it develops like this, the amount of slag in our country will be shocking in the future. A large number of slag are discharged as solid waste, which not only occupy a lot of farmland, but also cause serious environmental pollution.

In fact, the slag contains a variety of useful resources, such as calcium, iron, silicon, magnesium, aluminum, manganese, phosphorus etc. It can be used in many fields, if it is only considered as the solid waste rather than recycling, that will be a huge waste of resources. In the treatment of slag, crushing is main process. The slag crusher is released basing on experiments and researches and dedicated to process slag. The common treatment: the slag is processed by crushing machine, then grinded into powder by mill and finally dried by baking, magnetic screening, pellet manufacturing to get four high-efficient and added value products, which can be reused into industrial production.

Currently, compared with developed countries, China's slag treatment and recycling is still at a low level. The slag can be mixing materials for cement because of its hardness, high capacity and low cost. There are some slag crusher manufactures who invent many kinds of processing crafts through practice research. The processed slag can be used as manure in acid soils, also as roadbed materials. If the iron content of slag is beyond 90%, it can continually be used in steel-making.

After the national development strategy of 12th Five-year plan has been proposed, improving the utilization of slag is gradually put on the agenda. Shanghai Shi bang Machinery Co. Ltd and other enterprises in this industry begin to do research about how to use crushing and grinding machine to process slag into powder. The benefit is to make the best of slag, with no waste and effectively realize the myth of making solid waste in steel industry into zero-pollution.

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