Technological advantages of Impact crusher

the crushing process of Impact stone crusher mainly depends on the impacting between dynamic high speed movement of rotor and high hardness materials, the controllability of Impact crusher for the size of materials make it become the ideal crushing equipment in the secondary crushing process of high hardness materials.

Impact crusher plays an extremely important role in the secondary crushing process of medium hardness material ,especially an incomparable advantage for the crushing process of gravel and aggregate .In order to make the majority of users further understand the technological advantage of Impact crusher, The article will summarize through the comprehensive analysis of material, structure and wearing parts.

From the material nature, Impact crusher is suitable for crushing process of a variety of hardness materials, especially high hardness material; Impact crusher is the best crushing device. the crushing process of Impact stone crusher mainly relies on the impacting between dynamic high-speed movement of rotor and high hardness materials. On the other hand, we mentioned that Impact stone crusher has the wide applicability for materials, for it can effectively deal with the high water content materials and no equipment clogging. The heating devices can be installed on the impact plate and feeder of Impact crusher, which can initially deal with the high humidity materials before the materials into the crushing chamber, improving the production efficiency of crushing parts.

From the equipment structure, Impact crusher has a high level controllability for the size of materials .Producing the same stone or requiring the same fineness for the different stone, Impact crusher can control the size of output by adjusting the rotor speed, changing the gap of counter plate and the grinding chamber. the price of Impact crusher as the same as common crusher, but Impact crusher reflects a significant performance advantage in the equipment structure.

From the wearing parts, most of hammer crusher and Impact crusher often been used in the production process of high-hardness materials .high-speed hitting of materials has a large impacting for impact plate. The main wearing parts of Impact stone crusher are hammer and impact plate, in order to improve using efficiency of wearing parts, extending the useful life of equipment, the wearing parts of SBM Impact crusher use the high manganese steel as materials. Impact stone crusher from two aspects of raw material and structure design reduce the degree of wear of wearing parts in the large degree, achieving the highest production efficiency.

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