Impact crusher plays an important role in the processing of iron ore

selecting Impact crusher as the processing equipment of iron ore, on the one hand, is to see the price of Impact crusher on the market, the most important thing depends on the policy.

The function principle and equipment performance of Impact crusher meets the requirements of development of Chile's mining economy and low energy consumption ,which becomes the best crusher equipment in the processing of iron ore in Northern region.

Iron ore has a low grade in Chile; most of them are located in Northern region. In order to maximize full use of mineral resources, Government advocates that iron ore processing must take the road of intensive and energy-saving. According to our survey, 80% users in Northern have chosen Impact crusher to process iron ore. Today we talk with the investors about the role of the Impact crusher in Iron ore processing line.

Author: the current requirement of beneficiation in Northern region is to develop green mining economy, to avoid ecological damage, so what kind of standards do you have when you choose the iron ore crusher?

Chile investor: As an investor, we consider the most import things are the cost of investment in a production line,the return on time, benefit analysis. We make iron ore crushing production line, purchasing crusher, on the one hand, is to see the price of Impact crusher on the market, the most important thing depends on the policy.

Author: Choosing Impact crusher as Iron ore processing equipment, policies guiding the proportion account for much of it?

Chile investor: There are lots of Iron ore processing equipment; whole Northern region has numerous crusher manufacturer. We certainly must produce under the guidance of the mining industry policy. Now advocate to develop green mining economy, so selecting low energy consumption, high-efficiency equipment is the best.

Author: So can you talk about the advantages of Impact crusher in the process of crushing Iron ore?

Chile investor: Impact crusher for Iron ore processing mainly crushes ore step by step. We exploit Iron ore about 500mm from mining, the main functional principle of Impact crusher is meticulous crushing of Iron ore. To some extent, Iron ore crushing process is a process of enrichment operations. Impact crusher has higher productivity than conventional crushing equipment about 35%-60%, to be the best equipment in Northern metal ore beneficiation.

Author: Chile's northern region is the main economic development circles, mining industry has good prospects.

Chile investor: Promoting the economy in the North to a new stage is the direction we have been working on.

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