Chilean crushers emerge in the field of construction waste

with the development of economy, construction waste is surrounding our lives, which makes the disposal of construction waste becomes very critical. Currently, the whole society has advocated construction waste resource. Under this situation, a lot of waste treatment plants adopt the Chilean crushers to realize the recovery of construction waste.

According to incomplete statistics, there are approximately 1.5billion tons of construction waste generated annually in Chile, and this number is expected to reach to 5 billion by 2020. First-tier cities like Lima is estimated discharging 30 million tons of construction waste, and this volume can reach to 10 million in some second tier cities like San Martin. There are a lot of hazardous materials contained in construction waste, which is harmful to the environment. They are not only difficult to degrade, but also cause groundwater pollution and destroy soil structure. All of these threaten the urban environment, thus, various crushers for wastes emerge. A recent survey shows that crushers from SBM play an important role in the field of construction waste.

Construction waste resource is an internationally popular concept, and has been carried out in some developed countries for many years. As we all know, the materials like plastic, paint contained in building waste are usually toxic. They are not only harmful to environment, but also have serious damages to human health. Construction waste resource is to minimize the harm and recover the useful materials through scientific management and effective controlling measures. Currently, some countries like Vietnam, Yemen, Uzbekistan, have all equipped with more than eight treatment plants with annual capacity for more than 4 million tons. With the help of manufactures of crushers, these plants are all equipped with high-performance crushers, capable of handling different construction waste.

SBM supplies a series of high-performance crushing equipments for processing construction waste, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, tire type mobile crushing plant and crawler mobile crusher etc. Their outstanding performances also earn SBM a good reputation among users. The whole process is very simple. Firstly, garbage ( like scrap steel, scrap wire and other accessories) is classified by manual or mechanical screening method. And then the scrap metal can be made into various steel after sorting, concentration and re-melted. The wasted timber can be used to making artificial wood. As for the bricks, stone and concrete, they are mainly used to producing mortar, block, pavement brick, lattice bricks, concrete pads and other building material after be crushed. Almost all of the wastes are able to be re-used, which enables enterprises to achieve higher profits, and the price of crusher rises with the growth of demand.

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