The development of large-scale Impact Crusher

With the development of crushing technology, the types of crushing equipments are constantly upgrading as well. How many times of technology upgrades make the impact crusher so efficient? Here we will show you the answer.

With the development of crushing technology, the types of crushing equipments are constantly upgrading as well. How about large scale impact crusher? Most people just know it is used for crushing stones, but how does it develop into the version that we see today?

The history of impact crusher can be traced to 1850s. At that time, jaw crusher is unable to fully meet the requirement of crushing due to the development of productivity. Then impact crusher is introduced on the basis of jaw crusher. This is the very beginning of impact crusher.

In 1942, the Germans firstly developed the impact crusher with single and dual-rotor two models. The structure is similar to modern squirrel cage crusher that generally processes the characteristics of impact crusher no matter on structure or working principle. It gradually developed into squirrel cage crusher due to the restriction of feeding strength and productivity, used for the medium hardness fine material.

In fact, the appearance of impact crusher in China is relatively late. Until the 1950s, China owned its first crusher. Before the 1980s, the application of native impact crusher is very narrow, only limited on medium hardness material like coal and limestone.

Until the late eighties China imported the impact crusher for high hardness material, which fill the gaps in this field, but the technology is 20 years behind foreign country. Domestic impact crusher’s hammer, the core spare part, mainly relies on import. After many years of development, it not only meets the domestic demand, but also exports to European countries.

Currently, the technology for Chinese impact crusher has been close to international level, and it is exported abroad. The manufacturer of large scale impact crusher is also increasing as well.

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