Hammer Wear Resistance of the Impact Crusher Matters

Lots of factors need to be considered while purchasing impact crusher, among these factors, wear resistance of the hammer weighs much more than others. The analyzing hammer crusher wear process indicates the best choice is to choose hammer handle made of alloy steel and hammer made of chromium cast iron.

Just like everyone has his own specialty. Impact crusher has his own too. The basic knowledge of the crusher’s structure, working principle, and the raw material it can handle is extremely important for buyers. Despite its high efficiency, impact crusher’s hammer and impact plate can be wear easily, especially for those raw materials in high hardness, which requires the owners to replace them frequently. Therefore, crusher’s hammer and impact plate account for a large part of the post-running costs in sandstone production line. Based on this, the experts in this field suggest purchasing crushers with better hammer and impact plate.

Impact crusher is important among crushing equipments, and its hammer is an important part of impact crusher. How does the hammer get wear? Usually in cement, metallurgy, mining, power and other industries, impact crusher hammer handle will withstand alternating bending stress and impact force, while the hammer is mainly exposed to bear relatively strong force of impact and friction. Because the hammer bears both the collision and erosion of the raw materials, the hammer will be ground to smooth arc surface, the force on the arc surface can be decomposed into two components, one will have an impact effect to hammer, another can cause the hammer surface damage. All these factors can shorten the crusher’s life span.

The main factors causing hammer wear are: the nature of hammer, manufacturing quality and structural design. Currently, the price of PF series impact crusher’s hammer is continually rising, and the reason is that the materials made of hammer determine its life span and use value. From the perspective of force, hammer handle requires good impact toughness because it will continually withstand alternating bending stress. The surface of the hammer needs to stand friction and impact force, while the raw material made of hammer can resist these forces. And its wear resistance is thrice as strong as high manganese steel. SBM impact crusher can avoid these problems and make sure its lifespan and high output.

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