The main application field of India impact crusher and its working principle

The number of India impact crusher manufacturer is at the top of whole world. The development of the India impact crusher in market has been prosperous。That many foreign manufacturers also set up the distributors in India.

India is one of the earliest countries in a various manufacturing industries development and its development of the high level is a handful of all over the world. The number of the India impact crusher manufacturers is among of the best in India, and the market there is promising. In addition to domestic impact crusher manufacturer, many foreign manufacturers also set up sale place to sell the impact crusher in India.

The development of impact crusher is bright no matter in India or all over the world and the main reason of its popularity is that it can process a large variety of raw materials and its extensive application and better performance.

Impact crusher usually can process the 100 to 500mm raw material and the machinery’s pressure resistance strength is under 350Mpa, this machine features big crushing ratio, cubic shape after crushing the raw material and it is widely applied in Building materials, crushing ore, railways, highways, energy, transport, cement, mining and chemical industry, etc

In short, impact crusher can be applied to all kinds of coarse, medium and fine raw material crushing. However, due to the plate hammer easy to wear,it is also limited in crushing hard raw material ,usually processed the coarse, medium and fine limestone ,coal ,gypsum and chemical raw materials.

Impact crusher crushes the raw material with impact force. It works as follows:when the raw material enter the blow bar area, they are crushed due to the high-speed impact of the blow bar and are thrown to the impact plates on the rotor for secondary crush .Then raw material will be shot back to the blow bar again for the third crush. This processing repeats that the raw material from big to small enter in first ,second , third impact plate to crush repeatedly until the materials are crushed to the required size and then come out by outlet.
The raw material in the device operation the route processing as flowing: the stone directly fall into the high speed rotation rotary table. under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, it will be impacted highly and crush Entirely by Another part of the way to shunt umbrella flying rocks around the turntable, then After the stone hit each other, between the turntable and the frame will form a vortex motion caused by repeatedly hit each other, friction, grinding, straight from the lower discharge.

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