The Thinking and Development of Jaw Crusher: Accurate Positioning and Clear Direction

jaw crusher machine has played an important role in all kinds of mining industry. This article, analysis of the disadvantage of the jaw crusher , detailed the efforts of some aspects need to be improved, such as choosing materials, improving in manufacturing technology, how to improve the maintenance system, etc.

From the beginning to now, the jaw crusher ,as an important equipment in mining industry , under the background of the rapid economic development in china ,it made great progress in its research and development. Under the optimization and upgrading, the service life of machine is improved and working more efficiency, however, there are some problems still to be solved. The deficiencies and defects in the crushing process include: First of all, the breaking process is single; the raw material cannot be multi-function broken: in the processing, if the raw material is too heavy, the traditional crusher cannot process the raw material completely, it’s easy to have a phenomenon of the material excessive crushed. Second, the craft level is backward: it’s difficult to achieve the ultra-fine crushing, not only the process is complex, also all sorts of equipment takes up a larger space. Finally, such as energy, steel consumption is very big, cannot achieve energy saving effect effectively.

To solve these problems mentioned above, the association of the crushing machinery industry in china thinks that, the development of the crusher should from three directions. First, the choice of the machine body’s raw materials, compared with foreign crusher, the jaw crusher’s airframe in China is heavier. The wear resistance of steel is one of the main requirements of the crusher .Through changing the carbon steel ratio in the high manganese steel alloy of the jaw and guard plate wear parts. On one hand, it reduce the machine body’s weight. On the other hand, also reducing the steel consumption, good to the development of energy conservation and environmental protection, then the jaw crusher’s quotation is getting down.

Second, in the craft of manufacturing, the optimization structure of the jaw crusher includes the whole plant shape, components shape, design of the parts assembly. The chassis of crusher can be casted and welded, also can be combined with bolt ,then the jaw crusher adaptation ability is greatly improved in scene .Cavity shape optimized, change the shape of the tooth plate , make cavity curve crushing more reasonable, the feeding size of raw material and output size will get more fit. Thus it improves the smoothness and stability of equipment operation, and the crusher will work more efficiency.

Third, how to improve the maintenance system. As the primary crusher, the jaw crusher’s working strength is much bigger, daily maintenance and maintenance is not timely and not correct, will add the crusher wear and tear, short the service life of the plant. But the new circulated lubricating oil and cooling system, can reduce the equipment wear and tear effectively, the costs in the daily maintenance will be much cheaper.

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