Structure of European Impact Crusher

with the development of crushing technology, more types of impact crushers are designed. European impact crusher is the most advanced one in domestic and overseas.

Along with the development of crushing technology, impact crushers are upgrading faster and faster. European impact crusher is the most advanced one in the market. It is highly welcomed by many customers because of high efficiency, energy conservation and good performance.

What is the structure of European impact crusher? The main parts include spring, rail, front impact frame, rear impact frame, lining plate, square steel, bolts, main shaft, hammer, rotor, impact plate,

In the European impact crusher, the material will hit the hammer, and then to the impact block, bounced to the impact cavity, being crushed to the size needed.

There are many types of impact plate; linear shape and arc shape are the commonly used ones. The arc shape impact surface can form strong impact zone in the circular area when the material be bounced by the impact plate, to increase the impact crushing efficiency. Linear shape impact surface can make the material hit the plate from vertical direction, to get the best crushing effect.

The rotors of impact crushers are mostly made by one piece cast steel, durable and easy to install the hammer. Rotors of small and light impact crushers can also be made by welding the steel plate. Impact plate is usually welded by steel plate, the impact surface is assembled with wear proof lining plate or back roller or grate plate.

The shape of the hammer is closely related to fastening methods and working load. It should be designed work reliable, easy unloading and raise the utilization of the hammer. The hammer is usually made of high chromium cast iron, high manganese steel and other wear resistant alloy steel.

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