LM Vertical Grinding Mill-the Recommendation of Safe and Green Production Equipment for Pulverized C

LM vertical grinding mill is a kind of green and high-efficient mill for pulverized coal, which also improves the safety and environmental protection while ensuring the quality and production efficiency.

LM grinding mill not only guarantees the safety of production process, but also lives up to the national environmental-protection standards.

We have made much introduction about characteristics of LM vertical grinding mill, such as fully function, simple system, tight layout and reliable products. In addition to the performance and capacity of the equipment, people have more requirements about the safety and environmental protection production. Here is the example of pulverized coal production to introduce the outstanding performance in these two aspects.

I. Safety Production

The pulverized coal is flammable. When having a certain density, it can explode under the effect of high temperature, collision, friction, vibration, naked flame and electric spark. In the production system, the pulverized coal is transported by the gas, which mixes with the pulverized coal may produce spark and much pressure to induce the danger of explosion. In order to eliminate the hazards and achieve safety production, we take the explosion of pulverized coal production process into full consideration and set special explosion-proof point for LM grinding mill to release the inner pressure, which will make the inner air pressure achieve balance at any time.

II. Environmental-Protection Production

The overflow may happen in most of the pulverized coal production site. The operators are easy to cause pneumoconiosis and other occupational diseases if they do not wear professional protecting appliance. To avoid the waste of resources caused by pulverized coal spillovers and the harm brought to the staff on the site, the equipment structure adopts totally-enclosed design and runs under negative pressure. In this way, the problem of dust pollution will be solved thoroughly. On the one hand, it ensures sanitary cleanup of the site and health of the staff; on the other hand, the characteristics of energy-saving, environmental-protection and no pollution make the production line live up to the national environmental-protection standards.

    Nowadays, People’s awareness of safety and environmental protection is gradually strengthening; the investors’ concerning degree to the equipment is also increasing. The LM vertical grinding mill has become the best choice for pulverized coal production. It also improves the safety and environmental protection of the production process while ensuring the quality and production efficiency. It is the best performance and most comprehensive equipment of pulverized coal mills.

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