Impact mill promote industry of the graphite superfine grinding forging ahead

The application of graphite powder with the development of ultrafine powder has received considerable attention, and impact Superfine mill in graphite production plays an important role.

Shi Bang impact mills based on traditional devices via improvements has achieved graphite production efficiency and environmental protection.

    It Is hard to directly use the original ore to the production , most of ores need to process and refine after being crushed, milled, processed. At present, the various graphite products on the market need these processing, so choosing what kind of processing equipment on the graphite industry is also very important. Because the device contains a certain amount of gangue, milling, processing and purification are required, traditional milling machining of graphite granularity is often less than ideal purification effect. Impact grinding mill on the basis of traditional grinder has made a comprehensive improvement for fineness of processing of the equipment .

    Impact Superfine mill is a new generation milling device combing mechanics and fluid physics principles which is the used vertical-axis high speed revolving axisymmetric body material with violent shocks, so that it is fixed-body collision or impact between the particles,so it is an ultrafine milling allowing material to crush . There are some of the same principles between impact grinding mill and impact crusher, so it  is very effective for brittle materials such as graphite powder and so on. Due to the high chemical stability of graphite, with good corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, low permeability, such ultrafine processing of graphite can be used as a refractory material, conductive materials, lubrication materials, metallurgical materials, can also be used to make pencil, paint, polishing agent. Especially in terms of lubrication, high fineness of graphite powder can make parts in 200~2000℃ temperatures slide at high speed, much larger devices widely use graphite materials to make Piston Cup, seals and bearings, which durability and fluency are greatly increased.

    with effect of fineness of graphite finished product for its hardness, impact mill in graphite industry is becoming more and more popular. Shanghai Shi Bang impact mill has improved the traditional craft, replaced a more wear-resistant alloy for vertical shaft, which greatly improves the service life of the equipment and grinding fineness of finished product . Unique hydraulic control system works well to adjust the hinge angles and speeds, and are equipped with protective devices, when the roller range above or below a set limit, automatic alarm and stop grinding, ensuring safe operation. In addition,Shi Bang impact mill can automatic separate the mixture of abrasive material, improving product purity, and using the most advanced cleaning system to control dust emissions, achieving graphite production efficiency and environmental protection, promoting the industry to develop in a more popular direction.

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