Installation requirements and considerations of raw material vertical mill roller and disc

In cement production lines, raw material vertical mill is an important host devices,installation and commissioning of raw material vertical mill roller and disc is essential for the construction of the entire production line and production benefits.

The main component of cement raw material vertical mill includes separators, roller device, disc device, compression devices, reducer, motor,shell and so on. Separator is an important component which determines the thickness of the mill product,including adjustable speed drives, rotor, guide blades, shell, thick powder falling cone, outlet, etc., is a highly efficient, energy-saving, quick devices of selection.Mills for different purposes have different structures. With the development of milling equipment manufacturing technology, there has been a lot of raw material vertical mill equipment and raw material vertical mill disc manufacturers on the market.

 Vertical mill with its excellent energy-saving and environmental protection in real-world of industrial production has an increasing applications.Vertical grinding technology in principle, there is a qualitative change, and provide a good device for energy saving and consumption reducing conditions. With the development of the cement industry, vertical mill,not only for grinding raw material and coal, but also for grinding slag and cement, are widely used in the cement industry. In cement production lines,raw material vertical mill is an important host devices, ,installation and commissioning of raw material vertical mill r is essential for the construction of the entire production line and production benefits  

Below are several points on raw material roller mill in cement industry installation requirements:

1.Disc liner in contact with the disc holder should be greater than 75%.

2.Separator shell relative to the reducer center deviation is 0.1mm / m

3.Grinding roller shaft centerline drive intersects the center line, the deviation is 0.5m.

4.Installation raw material vertical roller mill is all centerline coincides with the formation of the center line in the reducer, deviation of 0.5m.

5.hydraulic system accumulator should be pressure tested, the test pressure for 1.25 times nominal pressure.

6.Reducer base basis with the vertical and horizontal center of the screen frame centerline deviation value is 0.5m.

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