Kaolin ultrafine mill of 5000 mesh is making a new storm in the paper industry

Due to resource and environmental protection restrictions, the paper industry is seeking new development. Kaolin with a good performance has become the new darling in paper. The new ultrafine mill can process kaolin powder delicate, smooth and improve the quality of the paper which is currently the most widely used in the paper industry.

China is the largest paper manufacturer in the world.  After a long period of extensive growth, Chinese paper industry has entered a period of stagnation of economic growth. Data show that in 2013 China paper and paperboard production was 87,663,400 tons, an increase of only 0.83%, down 2.39% compared with 2012 growth. With the reduction of resources, energy conservation, environmental protection and other concepts deeply rooted wood and other plant fiber as the main raw material for the paper industry and paper production decreased gradually, but a variety of new refined kaolin coated paper and paperboard production gradually increased. More and more kaolin ultrafine mill becomes an integral part of raw material processing equipment in the paper industry.

Ultrafine milling technology has played an important role in all walks of life and also greatly improved the materials and products traits. After a fine powder processing of kaolin in the paper industry do not have some characteristics. On the one hand, the kaolin powder processed by kaolin mill is applied to the paper not only for giving good coverage and excellent performance properties of the coating gloss, but also increasing the whiteness of the paper, opacity, smoothness and printability , greatly improving the quality of the paper. On the other hand, for general culture paper, the amount of filler accounts for 10-20% of the weight and for coated paper and paperboard, in addition to the filler, but also need paint, fill, kaolin pigments proportion of 20-35% by weight of the paper. All this enables high fineness kaolin in the paper industry have greater room for development, but also brings some impact to the traditional paper-making raw materials.

At present, in view of the ultrafine mill that brings tremendous benefits in paper, the kaolin ultrafine mill is constantly upgraded. Recently, the kaolin ultrafine mill of 5000 mesh by SBM has launched in the market and got a higher rating. The wearing parts of roller, grinding ring forging made using special materials are higher impact resistance, better abrasion and longer than the impact mill and turbine mill 2-3 times. Grinding equipment new design is perfect not only for greatly enhancing the grinding efficiency, but also for the product fineness which can be adjusted from 1000-5000 mesh and has good control. It can be said ultrafine mill by SBM is making a new storm in the kaolin paper industry.

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