The Arising Problems of TGM Series Super Pressure Trapezium Mill in Use

TGM series super pressure trapezium mill is the latest developed grinding equipment with international standard. In practical application, it has larger capacity, superior to high-pressure suspension mill.

TGM series super pressure trapezium mill is he latest developed grinding equipment with international standard. Based on years of experiences, experts updated and optimized design the high-pressure trapezium mill, and finally introduced the new, high efficiency, and energy-saving grinding equipment. Combining with actual situation, and adopting the international advanced technology, manufacturers can provide customized machines suitable for kinds of materials.

  Compared to high-pressure suspension trapezium mill, super pressure trapezium mill has larger capacity and higher quality of final product. Generally, the performance advantage is much higher than the former. While the wearing of the wear part is the weak point for almost all kinds of grinding mill, and the super pressure trapezium mill is no exception.

  The first wearing is for the roller and disc liner. Once the gap occurring between the roller body and liner, the wearing becomes intensified. Coupled with the hot air and cement particles continuous erosion, the trench generates, resulting in the collision between the roller and liner, even causing crack or fracture, and damaging the machine if seriously. 

  Then comes to the roller bearing chamber wear. The assemble requirement for the roller bearing is very strict, manufacturers usually put the bearing in the dry ice to cool it down. It will affect the operation of the bearing, once the gap appearing between the bearing and the chamber, leading to the bearing fever even burning. So operators must always pay attention to the temperature of the bearing during the operation.

  At last, the leakage problem of the reducer. It not only affects the appearance of the machine, but also wastes oil, causing big problems for the maintenance of the equipment. Fortunately, this problem does not always appear. Operators must close down the machine for maintenance once occurring.

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