Analysis of the New Type Ultrafine Grinding Mill in Detail by Starting from the Structural Design Dr

The ultra-fine powder is been widely used in our life, and what kind of technology to make the material output size so fine? By analyzing the structure of ultrafine grinding mill, we make an in-depth understanding about the design of ultrafine grinding mill. According to the drawing of ultrafine grinding mill, we know that analysis machine is the secret of superfine grinding mill.

With the development of various sectors of the national economy, the application of powder material also went into all kinds of industries. Especially, entering the 21st century, the powder industry is also entering a stage of rapid development. From the practice, we find that ultrafine powder in the production process can increase the surface area of ​​the material, accelerate the reaction rate, increase raw material activity, indirectly improve the quality of products, etc., so a variety of ultra-fine powder materials processing technology is widely used in the chemical industry, metallurgy, plastics, building materials, environmental protection and so on. A variety of powder processing equipments constantly been upgraded with the changing needs, many equipments has increased market share by relying on the Design of New Type Ultrafine Grinding Mill design, today, let us know the secret.

To study the design of this new powder making equipment, we’d better start from the Structure of Ultrafine Grinding Mill. Ultrafine grinding mill mainly is been composed by the host, blowers, fine analysis machine, finished whirlwind plot of powder, bag filter and connecting duct pipes and so on, according to user needs, it can be equipped with elevators, storage hopper, cabinet, powder feeding machine, crusher and other auxiliary equipments. The process is: Firstly, crushed material promoted into the storage hopper by the elevators. Secondly, it is evenly into the grinding chamber by the vibrating feeder. Thirdly, it been shoveled into between the grinding roller and grinding ring by the shovel blade to be grinded. Finally, the finished powder is been blow by the fan flow, then been sorted.. Qualified fine powder went into the air cyclone powder collector with the air flow, then been discharged, substandard materials continue to be grinded. Throughout the process, the system is in a state of negative pressure, air flow went into the bag filter after the election, to be discharged after purification, also played a very good effect of dust.

From the entire structure of ultrafine grinding mill, what is the unique design of the machine model? By careful studying The Drawings of Ultrafine Grinding Mill, we can find that the unique design of the superfine grinding mill is its analysis impeller, the impeller is not designed by a conventional vertical, but adopted the inclination design, the angle controlling is convenience, this design perfectly avoid the phenomenon which material in the large airflow without being sorted directly go into the powder collector, thus ensuring the fineness of final products. Meanwhile, the advanced hydraulic system control device can increase the density between the impellers at any time, also can increase the speed of impellers, etc., which all provide the conditions for the processing of high fineness powder.

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