Low Consumption Port Belt Conveyor with Long Distance Has Become New Trend of Industry Development

Low Consumption Port Belt Conveyor with Long Distance Has Become New Trend of Industry Development

The belt conveyor is the logistic transportation equipment of composing rhythmic assembly line and delivering all kinds of powder, particles or pieces products. It can be divided into heavy belt conveyor and light belt conveyor according to its delivery capacity. The former are mainly used in industrial and mining production, while the latter has wide application in sub-plastic, food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries. With the development of coal industry, a variety of double speed belt conveyors, flame type belt conveyors and reversible mobile belt conveyors emerge, of which the long distance transportation is still the new trend of industrial development, such as in underground tunnel of some mines, mine ground transportation system, open pit and concentration plant they play an important role.

The world’s longest belt conveyor was put into use by Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company in 1996. It is a horizontal cornering and off-road belt conveyor with the full length of 15.6km, which is mainly responsible for shipping the secondary crushed iron ore from the site to iron and steel plant. The equipment is once used with remarkable results. First of all, it avoids the vehicle transmission of the iron ore between two sites, which reduces the transportation cost; while it also saves various loading and unloading costs; second, this high-speed long distance transportation, stable and low noise, can reduce the damage of iron ore on the way. Since then, the long distance conveyor has begun to rise in the domestic. By virtue of unique advantage, it has quickly occupied environments where many traditional conveyor works inconvenience. The port belt conveyor is just designed in accordance with that principle of high operability mobile transportation equipment, which can be manipulated hanging in the air between wharf and the ships.

After port belt conveyor, the long distance belt conveyor has gotten more sense of technical improvement. Shanghai Shi Bang Machinery Co. Ltd strengthens the motor of long distance belt conveyor and enhances the traction of the equipment to ensure that the equipment still has strong power during long distance transportation of high density materials. For the spreading phenomena occurring in the long distance transportation, back plates are increased around the belt in the case of reducing deviation to decrease the scattering materials when it is operated without any person. The advanced energy controller can master the operation conditions of every component by sensing the signal strength and reduce the equipment loading when ensuring the capacity. In addition the protection device and hydraulic supporting are integrated to guarantee that the new type long distance belt conveyor can run stably and sustainably with low energy consumption and environment pollution.

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