The Calculation Method of Quotation on Gypsum Unloading Belt Conveyor

The most critical problem which people should pay attention to when choosing the right belt is the material quality.

The belt can be applied in many industries, such as food processing, chemicals, building materials, coal mine and ore mining etc. The most critical problem which people should pay attention to when choosing the right belt is the material quality. Different textures of belts can be used for transporting materials that have much difference.

There are two commonly used types of belt conveyor—rubber belt and plastic belt. The rubber belt is suitable to the working environment temperature between 15℃~40℃ when the temperature of materials being transported above 50℃. It is necessary to inform the manufacturer when ordering and then the heat-resistant belt can be selected. The inclination range of transporting particles scattered upwards is 12°~24°. The apron belt can be used when it is large angle transportation. The plastic belt with advantages of oil proof, acid-resisting, alkali-resistant is easy to slip and be aging owing to the bad adaptability to the climate. The customers can choose suitable belt according to the production environment and the properties of the materials. The bandwidth is the main technical parameters of the belt conveyor.

Owing to the textures of the belt and different bandwidths, the price of the belt conveyor can be calculated according to the calculation method of the quotation. The belt conveyor is widely used in metallurgy, coal, transportation, hydroelectricity, chemicals sectors and also in building materials, electrical power, light industry, foodstuff, the port, the shipbuilding and other departments. From the manufacturer of the gypsum unloading belt conveyor it is learned that the conveyor has following characters in practical applications.

The belt conveyor is the ideal, high-efficient, continuous transportation equipment for gypsum transmission. Compared with other transportation equipment such as locomotives class, it has many advantages of long distance transportation, large volume, continuous conveying. Meanwhile it runs stably and is easy to realize automation and centralization control, especially for high yield and high efficiency gypsum production line. The belt conveyor has become the key equipment of integrated technology for gypsum unloading production.

The main feature of conveyor is the easily scalable body with belt storage. According to the transportation process requirements, the materials can be delivered by single belt or the horizontal or inclined transportation system combined with multi-belts. The belt tail can stretch or shorten with the push of coal working face. This device can be laid directly on the roadway floor without base. It can be equipped with the intermediate driving device to meet the requirements when the transmission capacity is large and the distance is long.

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