"Three flexible" to broaden the cement belt conveyor device applications

Belt conveyor with a flexible installation, the combination of application flexibility, scope and flexible technology features,widening the application

Various types of belt conveyors, depending on usage which can be divided into heavy belt conveyor and light belt conveyor, according to structural forms, belt conveyors can be divided into recessed-type belt conveyor and flat belt conveyors. Numerous types of belt conveyor is a very wide range of applications in numerous industries, such as mine underground tunnel, mine ground transportation systems, open pit and concentrator. The reason it can be widely used in all walks of life, with its strong transmission capacity, transmission distance, high degree of automation, easy operation and maintenance and other characteristics are closely related.But the most important is a flexible belt conveyor technology to broaden its application field.  This "flexible" is multifaceted, mainly reflected in three aspects.

First, install flexible

Belt conveyors can be designed according to the requirements of the production process line, curve, slope and other wire forms, which its captain, belt width and assembly can be determined according to the form of user requirements.In addition to the fixed belt conveyor system, it can be installed on the mobile device, which make it become more flexible, directly to the job site and to broaden the range of applications.

   Second, the combined application of flexible

   Belt conveyors can be used separately,and can also be used in combination. Apart from the purely material delivery, it can also can be well compatible with the device production process, forming the rhythmic and continuous flow routes.

   Third, the scope of flexible

   A variety of sizes and belt widths of belt conveyors, conveying capacity are not the same, which can meet most customers ' delivery requirements. It works well at an ambient temperature of-20 ° c to + 40 ° c range, using material temperature below 50 ℃, with a high adaptability.

These three "flexible" broadens the field of application of belt conveyor, with outstanding performance in the industries, belt conveyor is an efficient, stable and economical transportation equipment. With the development, nature of belt conveyors for a variety of items moving in the direction of professional development, there has been a concrete belt conveyors, ore, food conveyor belt type belt conveyors,such transportation equipment more specific.

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