Under non-slip, anti-vibration downward belt conveyor is an important guarantee for the safety of co

Downward belt conveyor is a directional angle transport device, when the feed point is much higher than the discharge point of the occasion widely used.

Downward belt conveyor is a conveyor of more professional, used to need to tilt, multi-angle material transport industries. In the coal mine, metallurgy, electric power, paper, light, silos, ports, cement and many other occasions, the height of the feed point is much higher than the discharge point, which requires the use of such equipment downward transport delivery. which coal is transported using conveyor belt drive roller as the drive unit, turn and tail drum driven by a belt unloading roller, thus completing the carriage of goods by the tail loaded, unloaded during transport from the head.

Many downward belt conveyor manufacturers said: "flat belt conveyor is shipped with a drag tape by the motor while downward belt conveyor which is determined by the material through the tape driving motor running and and outputs the corresponding brake torque to balance material downward gravity of moment on tape, maintaining constant speed operation of the conveyor. Due to the special nature of this operating condition, derived downward the conveyor belt unlike other unique technical problems. "Specifically, downward belt conveyor is a directional angle transport device, relative to the horizontal transport ,the material on the belt because of the force of gravity to produce decline.Ordinary conveyor is likely to lead the entire production line for coal transportation stagnation, or even produce a variety of coal mine accidents, but with downward belt conveyor through a variety of technological improvements have a good solution to this problem.

It turned out that in the current market, downward belt conveyor is equipped with the performance of the motor, when clicking on the actual speed exceeds the synchronous speed, its power feedback brake to control speed, declining balance, making the system stable operation. At the same time, transport conveyors under soft-start in high inclined transport of coal conveyor device is popular. It is possible to control downward belt conveyor starts when the voltage value so that it slowly rose from zero to the rated voltage, the equipment smooth running, reducing shock and vibration in the boot process and avoiding sudden starts and material caused by congestion and transportation safety issues at the mine. Improved, under non-slip, anti-vibration downward belt conveyor as well as supporting electronically controlled and integrated protection device, making the device more automation, and reducing human failure and personal injury hazard.

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