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B6X series belt conveyor






C-type steel replacing the channel steel Better steel property, safer and more artistic

Generally, traditional belt conveyor uses channel steel and carrier roller frame with the rack relatively thin. B6X belt conveyor changes in this regard by using C-type steel to replace channel steel and equip side protecting plate. Based on this improvement, the overall rigidity of B6X series belt conveyor rack greatly increases.

Abandon the “I-shaped abreast channel steel” supporting leg, “Reversed V type” supporting leg is more stable and easier to be installed

Based on the feedback of the customer and installation engineer, the design of “I-shaped abreast channel steel” supporting leg of traditional belt conveyor has a series of other problems including poor stability, loose bolt, complex installation. Therefore, we adopt “reversed V type” supporting leg in the design of B6X, which is of excellent stability combining with three-link installation structure; the installation procedures are greatly simplified due to the fact that there is no need for fastening with a large number of bolts.

Long-distance headstock design, more beneficial to material falling and more effective to guarantee production safety

Benefiting from the super-strong rigidity of B6X rack, we can use long-distance headstock design. Based on this design, the maximum radius of material pile is 1.5~2 times of that of traditional belt conveyor, which is very beneficial to material falling during the production process, and can effectively avoid the loader or other machines from clashing the belt conveyor rack when shoveling the materials.

Upgraded power, introducing cycloidal reducer with higher technical grade

Based on the customer feedback, the traditional belt conveyor equipped with electric drum is not good to high power driving and easy to heat, and the service life is relatively short. Sometimes it is difficult to find marketable replacing parts in some foreign countries. Therefore, we adopt cycloidal reducer with higher technical grade, which is of greatly enhanced stability and is very convenient for maintenance and replacement.







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