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LM Vertical Mill






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Integrated design and low comprehensive investment

This mill is integrated with crushing, drying, powder grinding and separating, and transport functions; it is of simple system and compact layout, and its floor area is about 50% of that of the ball-milling system; it can also be arranged outdoors, which greatly reduces the investment cost. The system design is simple and reasonable, which saves unnecessary equipment input and reduces total investment of equipment.

Comprehensive optimization and lower operation cost

We make great efforts to help the customer save the equipment operation cost to the greatest extent from the perspectives of mill efficiency, powder drying, wear of quick-wear parts, and parts repair and replacement. For example, using grinding roller to directly grind the crushed materials on the millstone produces lower energy consumption; the hot wind that directly contacts the materials in the mill forms stronger drying capacity; adopting grinding roller shell can avoid direct contact between grinding roller and millstone; equipping service oil cylinder can conveniently and rapidly replace the roller shell and liner plate, greatly reducing the shutdown losses.

lm profeature
lm profeature

Short grinding time, low iron content, and higher quality of finished product

The materials will stay in the mill for a short time, which can reduce repeated grinding and is easy to detect and control the grain size and chemical component of the product, and is convenient for stabilizing the product quality; in addition, the grinding roller and millstone will not contact directly. The iron content in the product is very low, and the iron generated due to mechanical wear is easy to be removed, thus effectively guaranteeing the whiteness and purity of the material.

High environmental protection standards, more automatic

The equipment operation is stable and of small vibration, so that the noise is small. The system is sealed in an integral manner and is working under negative pressure, so that there is no dust spilling and the environment can keep clean with the emission standard far better than the international standard. It is also equipped with expert-level automatic control system, which can realize free switch between remote control and local control; the operations are simple and labor-saving.

lm profeature







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