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PE Series Jaw Crusher






Over the past one century, it has been renowned in the world of mining machine by simpleness and reliability

PE series jaw crusher adopts the design principle of traditional compound pendulum jaw crusher, which has two advantages: simple machine structure, easy for operation and maintenance; stable performance, suitable for materials of various brittlenesses. Since the end of 19th century, this machine has been widely used in ore crushing, building aggregates processing and other related industries.

Core parts use superstrong high manganese steel casting, longer service life and shorter downtime

Allowing for the operating conditions of jaw crusher are relatively severe and the quick-wear parts will be consumed rapidly, we thought deeply in selecting the materials for core parts, and adopted high-quality high manganese steel casting which is most recognized in the world at present. This casting greatly extends the service life of core parts and effectively avoids too many shutdown and maintenance tasks occupying the production operation time.

"Power failure" safety device effectively responds to overload and makes the production safer

The elbow plate of PE series jaw crusher is not only the force transmitting component, but also the safety part of the crusher: when materials which cannot be crushed fall into the crusher, making the load of machine exceed the normal level, the elbow plate designed by SBM can realize automatic fracturing and then stop the crusher, thus avoiding the damage of the entire machine and guaranteeing the production safety.

Relying on craftsman spirits, we execute precise processing, make simple out of common

Even though the structure of jaw crusher is relatively simple, all processing procedures require precise processing, for example: only perfect machining, heat treatment and flaw inspection can guarantee the eccentric shaft to possess sufficient strength and rigidity; only precise blanking can guarantee the weights and structures of flywheel and grooved wheel to enhance the operating balance of crusher…For this purpose, SBM formulates strict quality inspection procedures and uses advanced machine tool machining equipments to deliver perfect jaw crusher products.







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