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PFW Series Impact Crusher




Crescent plate hammer accomplishes much on tiny part

Based on the actual production situations of the customer and years of operation stressing simulations of impact crusher, SBM R&D Center found that the traditional linear type plate hammer is liable to wear, which will cause the impact surface of plate hammer and the materials unable to strike perpendicularly, thus rapidly decreasing the crushing efficiency. Therefore, we tried different plate hammer designs, and finally chose the crescent plate hammer. Compared with linear type plate hammer, this design possesses large impacting force and impact surface, and is more durable.

Heavy rotor design and rigorous detection method, guarantee the performance quality of rotor

European impact crusher adopts heavy rotor of firm structure to obtain higher rotational inertia and counterforce and enhance its crushing capacity. For the usability of rotor, we adopted rigorous detection method to detect the surface, near-surface and internal defects, so as to guarantee its high quality.

Spring safety device, not only reduces the risk of blocking

We boldly used constant-pressure spring safety device on the impact plate, which is a proprietary technology independently researched and developed by SBM: after the non-crushing material (e.g. iron block) entering into the crushing cavity, the front and rear impact racks will move back, and the non-crushing material will be discharged from the machine; then the impact racks will return to their normal working positions, thus eliminating the hidden danger of machine blocking. The whole process is completed automatically, which greatly reduces the time for manual stopping, cleaning and maintenance, and greatly enhances the production efficiency of the whole production line.

Semi-automatic hydraulic top-opening device realizes faster and more effort-saving maintenance

Allowing for the wear of quick-wear parts is fairly objective during the production process, and occasionally emergency shutdown is required for inspection and repair, we install two identical sets of screw rods or hydraulic flapping devices on both sides of the rack (to be determined according to the specific model). The machine operator can easily operate and stably open and close the rear upper cover through this device to complete the maintenance work.





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