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TSW series vibrating feeder









High-frequency vibration exciter & two-section ladder type grate bar, guarantee powerful feeding capacity of TSW

The equipment adopts double eccentric shaft vibration exciter with high vibration frequency, which has stable performance and strong exciting force; the supporting two-section ladder type grate bars make material feeding rapider and smoother, greatly enhancing the equipment feeding capacity.

Adopt variable frequency motor The operation becomes easier and more stable

Adopting variable frequency motor for driving, which is easy to operate and control; the starting and adjustment become more stable; the feeding is uniform and correct, and the feeding speed can be linked with the host to realize automatic feeding feedback and guarantee the subsequent equipment capacity to reach the maximum efficacy; the cushioning design of tension device can reduce the equipment vibration and impact.


Optimized structural design, more compact and higher strength

The equipment is of compact structure and small installation size; the materials of main load bearing parts and guard board of feeding box are upgraded, which improves the wear of chute body and reduces the maintenance workload. The grate bars is made from high manganese steel, which has stronger structural load bearing capacity and longer life.

Optimized process of production line is of higher efficiency than the traditional process

The equipment is equipped with feeding grate bars which can pre-screen the feeding materials; the gap between the feeding grate bars can be adjusted according to the technological requirements of production line, so as to optimize the process of production line and enhance the production efficiency.










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