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XSD series sand washer







Large processing quantity and low production cost

The yield of one machine can be up to 180 t/h, which basically satisfies the sand washing requirements on yield from vast customers; the machine is of small investment, low power and small power consumption, which effectively save the production cost.

Multiple effects, high washing cleanliness

This equipment possesses washing, dewatering and grading functions; when working, the aggregate will grind mutually under the driving of impeller to remove the sundries covering on the aggregate surfaces and destroy the water vapor layer covering the sand. The equipment can also complete the washing and purifying functions under the effect of strong water flow.

Simple structure and low failure rate

This sand washer is of simple and reasonable structure. The drive bearing device of impeller is separated from the water and materials exposed to water, and the new sealing structure and totally enclosed oil bath type transmission device greatly avoid the occurrence of bearing damage caused by water soaking, sand and pollutants.

Long service life and no pollution

Good structural layout and effective sealing design make this machine able to operate for a long term without maintenance, i.e. it is durable; the water consumption is low and the operating noise is small, which meet the national environmental protection standards.








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