Industrial boiler is an important kind of thermal power equipment, and China has become the world's largest country of producing and using industrial boilers.Due to the particularity of energy structure, China's industrial boilers are mainly coal-fired.Research has shown that the coal cinder making into powder can greatly improve its combustion efficiency, so that the operating efficiency of medium and small sized coal fired boiler can be increased to 80% while the average thermal efficiency of traditional industrial coal-fired boiler is 60% ~ 65%, even only 30% ~ 40% for some hand-fired boiler. The improvement of combustion efficiency can also decrease the emission of harmful gas and dust accordingly.

Brief introduction

High efficiency pulverized coal industrial boiler is a new type of coal-fired industrial boiler with the core of "pulverized coal combustion technology" by grinding the coal cinder into fineness of 150-200 mesh, while sufficiently remove the impurities during the process. Thus fine granularity brings easy ignition, high volatile and improvement of burning rate as well as low coal-fired ash can reduce the dust load.

Environmental protection index

Note: sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions: equal to natural gas boiler reference fineness of pulverized coal: R0.09=10-12%

Process flow
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