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MTW European Trapezium Grinding Mill







Replaceable Shovel Blade

Compared to the traditional integral shovel blade, SBM adopted split-type shovel blade: when the cutting part wears, only the blade needs to be replaced, which avoids material waste due to the replacement of integral shovel blade, and greatly helps the customer save the replacement cost of quick-wear parts. In addition, the curve design SBM adopted can guide the material to the vertical face, the upper, middle and lower parts of grinding roller and grinding ring can all grind and wear uniformly; it also increases the effective working area and enhances the production efficiency.

Cage-type Powder Separator Effectively Eliminates “Coarse Powder Spilling”

MTW grinding mill adopts high-efficiency cage-type powder separator, which is of relatively stable velocity field, high powder separating precision, high powder separating efficiency and accurate cutting diameter. In addition, pneumatic sealing is adopted between the body and cage rotor, which can effectively eliminate the "coarse powder spilling".

Diluted Oil Lubrication System

The traditional lubrication is grease lubrication, which will cause large lubrication resistance, high temperature rise and shorter bearing life; MTW grinding mill adopts internal oil pump, which can realize the lubrication of main shaft bearing and bevel pinion shaft bearing without adding oil pump or lubrication station.

Special Resistance-free Air Intake Volute

In the observation door of air intake volute of traditional mill, the internal surface of inside door sheet bulges outwards, and is not aligned to the internal surface of air intake volute, which is liable to generate eddy effect and increase the system energy consumption. For MTW grinding mill, the internal surfaces of inside door sheet and air intake volute are on the same curved surface, which can effectively avoid eddy effect, decrease the air volume loss, and improve the material liquidity.








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