Summary:Kenya is rich in basalt resources and has unlimited development potential. Basalt crushing machine recommended in Kenya including jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher and sand making machine.

What kind of stone crusher is better for basalt crushing?

Basalt, also called black stone or phonolite, a volcanic rock known for its durability and strength, is primarily found in the Eastern Kenya. The region's abundant basalt reserves have prompted the establishment of basalt crushing production lines, which play a crucial role in various construction projects.

Basalt, as a common non-metallic ore in the sand aggregate industry, has a very high application value in the construction, bridge, road construction and other industries. However, due to the hard nature of basalt, the crushing of basalt needs to go through multiple links such as coarse crushing, fine crushing and sand making. Different types of equipment have different effects on basalt crushing. So what kind of crushing machine is better for basalt crushing?

Kenya Basalt Stone Crushing plant
Kenya Basalt Stone Crushing Machine
Kenya Basalt Stone Crusher

Because black stone has a strong hardness and rich silicon content, which leads to serious wear of materials on jaw plate, blow bar, impact plate and other wear-resistant parts during black stone crushing operation, it will greatly increases the crushing cost of basalt. Therefore, according to the material properties of basalt, the crushing equipment with laminated crushing principle shall be selected as far as possible in the design of crushing process to reduce the abrasion of wear-resistant parts.

Jaw crusher+ cone crusher for basalt crushing

For customers with relative low requirements for shape of final basalt particles, we recommend customers to adopt jaw crusher and cone crusher to set up production line. This is because the jaw crusher and cone crusher both belong to the crushing equipment using the lamination principle. As mentioned above, the production cost is relatively low because such equipment has less wear on wear-resistant parts.

However, due to the lamination crushing principle, the internal cracks of the crushed basalt particles will be relatively serious, and the grain size of the particles is not very good, and the content of the needle shaped and flaky particles is relatively high, which makes it unable to achieve the mechanical properties that can be formed by the polygonal cubic stone with the original smooth stone in the nature in building use.

basalt sand making machine in Kenya

jaw crusher+ hydraulic cone crusher+ impact crusher (vertical shaft impact crusher)

In order to solve this problem, we recommend jaw crusher+ hydraulic cone crusher+ impact crusher (vertical shaft impact crusher), which can process the basalt with high efficiency and low abrasion of the crushing machine, making up for the shortcomings of jaw crusher+ cone crusher crushing process, and get better particle shape of the crushed basalt stones.

Basalt crushing machine recommended Kenya

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1. coarse crushing: jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is commonly used coarse crushing equipment for basalt processing. The main advantages of jaw crusher are simple structure, high crushing efficiency, wide application range, strong production capacity, and single unit output up to 2000t/h.

At present, we provide different types of basalt crushing machine Kenya for customers to choose, such as PE series, PEW series and C6X series, which can meet different production requirements of customers in Kenya.

2. medium crushing: cone crusher

The cone crusher is often used for crushing materials with high hardness, mainly to achieve the effect of medium crushing. The materials after jaw crusher processing are subject to medium and fine crushing, which is convenient for the subsequent processing of impact crusher.

The remarkable advantages of cone crusher enable good wear resistance, less wearing parts and wear resistance.

3. fine crushing: impact crusher

Impact crusher has excellent crushing performance and combines unique characteristics such as unique crushing cavity shape, heavy rotor and excellent wear-resistant materials. Equipped with intelligent control system, fully automatic hydraulic regulator, automatic cover opening, visual touch screen operation interface, real-time display of working status, fault warning, etc., the operation is simple, convenient, efficient and reliable, which can significantly improve the output and quality of products and reduce the cost of maintenance and vulnerable parts.

4. sand making or shaping: vertical shaft impact crusher

basalt sand making machine in Kenya

For basalt sand making or shaping, vertical shaft impact crusher is the commonly used crushing machine. It has the following advantages:

a. good quality of finished products

The impact crusher operates on the typical working principle of "rock on rock" and "rock on iron". The operating principle of "rock on iron" can realize rapid impact and crushing of materials and high sand production rate. The working principle of "rock on rock" can reshape basalt to make them more rounded and better used in the sand and stone industry.

b. high crushing efficiency

The vertical shaft impact crusher adopts deep cavity impeller design, and the throughput can be increased by more than 30%. The basalt can be fully collided and crushed in the crushing chamber, and the material crushing treatment effect is higher.

c. good wear resistance

The vertical shaft impact crusher is generally made of wear-resistant and impact resistant materials. The specific performance is as follows: the combined hammer head design is adopted, and only the worn parts need to be replaced in daily work, reducing the use cost by more than 30%.

Basalt crushing process design Kenya

Generally, the crushing process of basalt can adopt three-stage crushing process or four-stage crushing process.

Three-stage crushing process:

Basalt is an excellent aggregate of sand and gravel, and three-stage crushing process can reduce production cost.

For samll and medium-sacled basalt crushing production line, the crushing prcess usually adopts the process configuration of two-stage jaw cursher+impact crusher. Two stage jaw crusher can reduce the particle size of basalt to 60mm, and the third stage impact crusher will conduct shaping and crushing, so as to achieve the crushing effect of excellent particle size and low wear cost.

For large-sacled basalt crushing production line, the crushing process can adopt the process configuration of jaw crusher +cone crusher+impact crusher. The cone crusher can control the particle size of basalt to 50mm, and the third level impact crusher can conduct shaping and crushing. The power consumption and wear cost of cone crusher are relatively low, but the investment cost is relatively high

Four-stage crushing process:

  • The black stone crushing machines in four-stage crushing process are jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher (vertical shaft impact crusher), and the detail process is as following:
  • (1) Feeding: vibrating feeder.
  • (2) Coarse crushing: jaw crusher, feeding particle size is 1500-500mm, crushing to 400-125mm.
  • (3) Medium crushing: cone crusher or fine crushing jaw crusher, with feeding particle size of 400-125mm, crushing to 100-50mm.
  • (4) Fine crushing: impact crusher (or vertical shaft impact crusher), with feed particle size of 100-50mm, crushing to 32-5mm.
  • (5) Screening+ dust collecting: vibrating screen+ dry type dust collector.
  • (6) Shaping: impact crusher or vertical shaft impact crusher (after screening the fine crushed basalt, the qualified basalt particles will be sent to the storage bin through the belt conveyor. If the grain size and shape do not meet the requirements, the returned material will be returned to the impact crusher or vertical shaft impact crusher through the belt conveyor for further processing and reshaping).
  • (7) Screening+ dust collecting: vibrating screen+ dry type dust collector.
  • (8) Basalt transportation: belt conveyor.
  • (9) Control system: in order to reduce dust and soil, the coarse crushed stone is conveyed to the medium crushing cone crusher by the vibrating feeder, and the subsequent conveying between the stones is completed by the belt conveyor.

Model lines of basalt crushing machine Kenya

1, 300tph basalt crushing production line

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Production capacity: 300t/h

Equipment configuration: jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor

Raw material: basalt

Project introduction: the production line adopts three-stage crushing with jaw crusher+ cone crusher+ vertical shaft impact crusher. In the production line, one set of jaw crusher and two sets of cone crusher are adopted as intermediate crushing and return crushing equipment, and one set of vertical shaft impact crusher is adopted as shaping equipment.

In the production process, customers can adjust the discharge opening of the equipment according to the particle size they need, and the feeding basalt is not easy to block the feed opening. The finished products have excellent particle size.

Kenya Basalt Stone Crushing plant
Kenya Basalt Stone Crushing plant
Kenya Basalt Stone Crushing plant

2, 3000 t/d basalt crushing production line

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The daily output of concrete aggregate is 3000 tons (0-5-10-15-30-70mm).

Purpose: Expressway

Equipment configuration: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, HPT multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, VSI5X vertical shaft impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor

Production process:

Basalt raw materials are fed into the jaw crusher for coarse crushing through vibrating feeder, and enter the cone crusher for secondary crushing through belt conveyor. Products from cone crusher are screened by vibrating screen. And the particles with 30-70mm size are used as ballast stone for high-speed railway; particles with 0-18mm size enter the vertical shaft impact crusher for shaping and crushing. The 0-5mm sized products are fine sand and the 5-18mm sized products are used as highway pavement material.

Besides the above mentioned model lines for basalt processing in Kenya, we have many other customers. And if you are interested in the basalt crushing machine Kenya, do not hesitate to contact us for more information!