What Is EPC?

An EPC project is, also known as the turnkey project, usually used in construction and mining industries. Generally, EPC projects are characterized by high investments, long construction period, complex technologies and many uncertainties, which puts a high standard on comprehensive strength of contractors. SBM’s strength is unanimously acknowledged by many peers. SBM has abundant successful EPC projects in crushing and grinding fields. In recent years, many domestic and foreign customer companies have chosen SBM’s EPC projects with all accepted smoothly. In later days, SBM is willing to offer EPC projects to more customers by virtue of high-quality products, considerate services and systematic project management.


  • 1.Project manager assignment

  • 2.Full communication

  • 3.Market survey

  • 4.Project scheme design


  • 1.Civil & electric engineering

  • 2.Reasonable equipment layout

  • 3.Professional installation

  • 4.Debugging & acceptance


  • 1.Quick response to feedback

  • 2.Sufficient spare part supply

  • 3.Regular revisit & guidance

  • 4.Trainings about maintenance

Why EPC?

1.Clear scope of work and responsibilities. Contractors take most responsibilities and risks happened during construction.

2.Almost fixed total contract price and project period, so the investment and construction period are relatively clear, easy for fee and schedule control.

3.Adopting an EPC project is good for drawing on strengths of each management party and achieving every goal of the project.

4.Owners can be free from various trivial things and put their eyes on key points so as to ensure smooth proceeding of projects.

EPC Cases

SBM has many successful EPC projects in aggregate crushing, mineral crushing and industrial milling fields, including tuff crushing line in Zhoushan, gold cyanide line in West Africa and coal powder production line in Gansu…

Henan 1500TPH Granite Crushing Line

The customer company is engaged in green building materials. It plans to build an environmental industrial park with local characteristics to produce high-quality sand & gravel, concrete, dry-mixed mortar and PC prefabricated parts by recycling piling mine gangues and wastes. This project adopts SBM's EPC service. The project can recycle 7.2 million tons of granite wastes and gangues and produce 3.6 million tons of high-quality aggregate every year. The annual profit can reach nearly 1 billion yuan.

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Gansu 300,000TPY Clean Coal Grinding Line

In 2016, a state-owned energy company in Gansu, Chian entered business relationship with SBM to build an efficient and clean coal powder preparation production line. The annual output is 300,000 tons. Currently, the project becomes the model of efficient coal powder industrial boilers in local and surrounding areas. This energy-saving and environment-friendly project is deemed to have a promising future.

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Longyou 500TPH Granite Crushing Line

In the second half of 2016, an aggregate production company, chose to cooperate with SBM by investing a special granite crushing production line. The project is located in a governmental planned industrial park so the requirement on environment protection is quite strict. The customer requires the production line must be pollution-free, noise-free and dust-free. So, finally, after comprehensive investigations and analyses, he chose SBM.

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Shanxi 250TPH Tailing &Construction Waste Crushing Line

Huaji Building Material Technology Co., Ltd., one of top 5 concrete companies in Shanxi, intended to build an industrial park where it can produce high-quality aggregates by processing tailings and recycling building wastes. The park includes 4 systems --- 1,000,000TPY high-quality aggregate production system whose materials are tailings and building wastes, 300,000TPY dry-mixed mortar system, 150,000m3 per year special building material production system and precast wall plank production system and underground pipeline system.

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West Africa 2000TPD Gold Cyanide Line

The customer company is from a central country in West Africa. It has been being engaged in petroleum and gold exploitation for many years. It is an old customer of SBM. Although the order for the first cooperation was small, our sales persons were still enthusiastic about this cooperation and answered customers’ questions patiently. When the customer sought for another cooperation with SBM, we recommended the EPC service. After having a clear understanding of this service, the customer approved and spoke highly of it.

Vietnam 15TPH Bituminous Coal Grinding Line

The customer wanted to offer coal powder to local lime kilns so he decided to buy a complete set of milling system to process its bituminous coal. After knowing the customer's needs, SBM customized a turkey project for him.

Recommended EPC Investments

As for every EPC project, SBM is willing to make every effort to customize suitable scheme for our customers and to help them get profits quickly with our professional knowledge. If you have no idea of EPC investments, there are some fields for reference.

Power Plant Desulfurization

Practical Creative Environmental Energy-saving


High-quality Machine-made Sand Production

An investment orientation having a promising future


Aerated Concrete

A new kind of building materials


Engineers online

From equipment model selection and solution design at the early stage, production capacity enhancement and product mix optimization at the intermediate stage, to after-sales services at the later stage, we have project managers there helping you avoid risks and add project value.