• Why EPC+O ?

    EPC+O stands for "Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Operation."

    It's a comprehensive approach used in project management, encompassing all stages from planning and design through procurement, construction, and final operation.

  • Performance Optimization

    With the same team or company overseeing different aspects of the project, better coordination and optimization of overall performance can be achieved.

  • High Controllability

    This mode allows for comprehensive management from project initiation to completion, leading to better control over time, costs, and quality.

  • Parts Supply

    With this mode, customers need not worry about the availability of spare parts, which is helpful in extending uptime.

  • Faster Delivery

    Due to the synergies among different stages, the EPC+O mode often facilitates quicker project delivery to clients.

  • Smooth Coordination

    It integrates various project phases, ensuring a smooth transition from design to operation, reducing issues related to information transfer and communication.

Operational Services We offer

  • Production management and well-trained working personnel

  • Blasting, excavation, loading, and transportation of raw materials to the primary material storage

  • Spare parts that the crushing production line needs

  • Consumables and fuel consumption for the daily maintenance of the production line

  • Loading of finished products and weighing station

  • Electricity cost for the operation of the production line

Strength Assurance

  • Design capabilities for
    EPC+O projects
  • Overall construction and
    delivery capabilities
  • Professional team for
    global customers

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