Summary:The S5X vibrating screens by SBM offer a groundbreaking solution to the inefficiency and short service life of traditional vibrating screens. With advanced technology and a modular design, these screens provide high yields, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for heavy-duty operations.

S5X Vibrating Screen-New Excellent Screening Equipment

To solve such problems of the traditional vibrating screens as low efficiency, short service life and serious pollution, SBM has successfully created the S5X vibrating screen which can perfectly solve the problems of traditional vibrating screens and meet customers' ideal demands by its field surveys of mine crushing and screening sites, over 30 years’ field engineering experience, accumulation, exploration and innovation of its R&D teams.

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The S5X vibrating screen represents the pinnacle of advanced vibrating and screening technology and manufacturing standards. They are suitable for heavy or medium-duty operations, including fine screening, primary crushing, secondary crushing, and material screening. The screens feature an innovative modular design and incorporate finite element dynamic analysis, ensuring maximum fatigue resistance and equipment reliability. With high vibration intensity and SV vibrators, the S5X screens guarantee high yields, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness during operation.

In a word, as a model of screening equipment closest to users’ needs, whether low-input and high-yield objectives, to extend the equipment service life, to reduce troubles during equipment maintenance or even to satisfy the environmental requirements on mining operation, you can get the best solution and the most extraordinary equipment experience from S5X series vibrating screens.

Advanced Design Concepts and Core Technology

Modular Cartridge Design

An encapsulated cartridge design is used which allows for easy removal and replacement of the entire vibration unit. The cartridge contains all internal components and can be swapped out in about an hour, significantly reducing maintenance time and costs compared to traditional designs.

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Super Power

Super power and a high G-force are of the world advanced and assure easy separation, high efficiency and big capacities achieved.

Longer Bearing Service Life

Four bearings on each shaft line provide a longer bearing life and are capable to handle larger load with lower operation costs. The bearings are located at the center of the side plate which makes the load distributed evenly along side plates. Aluminum end cap is standard for SV, so boast good heat dissipation.

Grease Lubrication System

All the bearings are lubricated by grease with special labyrinth seals which are workable to avoid leakage or contamination. An automatic lubrication appliance could be optional for some operation requirements according to customer demand.

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Easy Stroke Adjustment

The lightweight aluminum end cap is easily removed by hand for a quick stroke adjustment. This is the easiest stroke adjustment in the industry!

Flexible Drive Configuration

A flexible shaft coupling between the drive motor and vibrator absorbs variations to smooth out power delivery. Optional V-belt drives on a stationary platform also allow adjustment of screening speed to further tailor performance to specific material separation requirements.

Leading Professional Technology

The excellence of the S5X series vibrating screen stems from its design, manufacturing process, and materials, where even the tiniest details are perfected to ensure the strongest functionality and highest reliability of the equipment.

CNC laser cutting - beautiful and accurate

The side bar of the S5X series is crafted using automatic CNC cutting technology, which includes precise cutting of all small holes. This process results in smooth cut surfaces without any visible seams. Moreover, the holes are meticulously fabricated with superior precision and aesthetic appeal compared to manual drilling based on hand-drawn lines.

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High Performance

Vibration intensity is a key indicator for measuring the performance of vibrating screens. The S5X series vibrating screen, owing to its advanced design concepts and manufacturing processes, possesses high vibration intensity. Compared to traditional equipment of the same specifications, the S5X vibrating screen has a larger processing capacity and higher screening efficiency. Consequently, it can reduce operating time and lower investment costs when handling materials of the same nature.

Finite element dynamic analysis - no stress defects

The S5X series vibrating screen is designed using finite element dynamic simulation analysis software, and there is no welding of any form on the side plate. All strengthening components are arranged reasonably to ensure that the designed strength and weight are balanced, and fatigue stress is controlled within a safe range, avoiding the hidden danger of side plate cracking caused by welding stress in the equipment.

Internationally standard sophisticated configurations

Enhanced Durability with High Tensioned Bolts

The S5X series vibrating screens feature the use of high tensioned bolts for extra heavy-duty applications. These bolts effectively tighten the screen side bars and crossbeams, eliminating the occurrence of welding cracks.

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Optimal Bearing Load for Extended Service Life

Every S5X vibrating screen is equipped with SV vibrators, with each device incorporating two sets of SV vibrators and four sets of specialized bearings for vibratory machinery. This design ensures the screens can withstand higher loads and enjoy a longer service life.

Rubber Liners -- wear-resistant impact-resistant

S5X screens are equipped with feed boxes and rubber liners, which serve multiple purposes. These rubber liners not only increase the effective screening area but also act as a buffer, absorbing material impact and preventing abrasion.

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Extended Service Life with Wear-Resistant Steel

To address the wear and potential fractures commonly observed in traditional vibrating screens, the S5X series incorporates a protective layer of wear-resistant steel. This additional deck protection shields the hollow beams from material erosion and abrasion, significantly prolonging the screen's overall service life.

Modular Design - Reduce Your Operating Costs

The S5X series vibrating screen not only delivers excellent performance but also effectively reduces operational costs through its modular and universal design. The modular design reduces the variety of spare parts required by users, increases the level of standardization, and minimizes maintenance points.

  • 1. Modular Beam Frame: The modular design of the beam frame ensures a more rational distribution of strength within the screen box.
  • 2. Modular Vibrator: The modular vibrators can be quickly and easily removed or replaced from the screen box as a whole.
  • 3. Modular Screen Mesh Tension Plates, Polyurethane Strips, and Support Bars: These modules are compatible with all specifications of vibrating screens.
  • 4. Wide Spacing between Layers: This design facilitates maintenance and replacement of the screen mesh.

Environmentally Friendly Materials and Ideas

Rubber spring - Low noise

The vibrating screen is supported by rubber springs, which have the advantages of long service life, corrosion resistance, smooth operation, low noise, and minimal impact on the foundation compared to metal springs.

Grease lubrication - clean site

Thanks to grease lubrication, compared to the traditional oil lubrication S5X application field is very clean and no risk of thin oil leakage.

Fully sealing design, excellent in environmental protection

The vibrating screens are designed based on the concept of excellent environmental protection. The back-end dust sealing and top dust cover, etc. can be configured according to user requirements to ensure it could meet high environ- mental requirements.