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Mining equipment e.g. Crushers, pumps, mills

Qeustion: Hello, do you have any place or means by which we can come and see the equipment range you are offering in Accra, Ghana? Thank you

Answer: yes, we can provide. and we have an office in ghana, Mining equipment e.g. Crushers, pumps, mills

Location: ghana

Products: PF Impact Crusher, Raymond Mill, Belt Conveyor, Mobile Impact Crusher, Spiral Classifier

Contents of Dialogue

Elaine 07-09 22:19:13This is online service, Elaine.  From shanghai shibang machinery CO.LTD.

ghana visitor884 07-09 22:20:36 Hello, do you have any place or means by which we can come and see the equipment range you are offering in Accra, Ghana? Thank you

Elaine 07-09 22:21:15 may i ask what kind of product are you interested in?

ghana visitor884 07-09 22:23:20

Mining equipment e.g. Crushers, pumps, mills

Elaine 07-09 22:23:47

yes, we can provide. and we have an office in ghana

Elaine 07-09 22:23:58

what's the raw material you want to process?

ghana visitor884 07-09 22:26:08

Gravel, sand and clay for alluvilum mining

Elaine 07-09 22:27:34


Elaine 07-09 22:27:49

how many tons per hour you want to process?

ghana visitor884 07-09 22:28:33

One moment let me get the paperwork

Elaine 07-09 22:28:51

ok, thank you

ghana visitor884 07-09 22:29:48

About 20 tonns

Elaine 07-09 22:30:04

ok, could you kindly leave me your phone number and email address ,please? more details about machine will be sent to you

ghana visitor884 07-09 22:32:02

Au***** - Vladimir

Tel. Ghana: 02***

You can send me a catalouge or a prospectus on my email

Elaine 07-09 22:32:16

ok, we will reply you soon

ghana visitor884 07-09 22:32:37

Ok, thank you for your help

Elaine 07-09 22:32:43

by the way, this machine is for your company use or for your clients?

ghana visitor884 07-09 22:33:02

My company

Elaine 07-09 22:33:23

well. may i have the honor to know your company name and website?

Elaine 07-09 22:33:35

it's good for us to make cooperation

ghana visitor884 07-09 22:35:25

The company Name is A****a, it is a new company on the stage of aquiring the Licence - no website as of yet

Elaine 07-09 22:35:50

it doesn't matter. i believe you will have.

Elaine 07-09 22:36:20

are you this company direct or manager?

ghana visitor884 07-09 22:36:40

One of 2 directors

Elaine 07-09 22:36:54

it's good.

Elaine 07-09 22:37:24

do you have any data about raw material size and final size you want to get?

ghana visitor884 07-09 22:39:41

On the first stage (entry stage) we need to process 200,000 cubic meters

Elaine 07-09 22:41:24

we will give you some professional opinions

ghana visitor884 07-09 22:42:15

Ok, thank you

Elaine 07-09 22:43:00

by the way, what's the purpose of end product? it will be used in which industry?

ghana visitor884 07-09 22:45:04


Elaine 07-09 22:45:23


ghana visitor884 07-09 22:46:13

AlluvIal gold mining for export purposes

Elaine 07-09 22:46:55

so the raw material includes gold??

ghana visitor884 07-09 22:48:10

We would like to see the equipment offered by your company in order to combine the best schematics of extracting gold from the ground

visitor884 07-09 22:48:31

The raw material is gold

Elaine 07-09 22:48:47

no problem

Elaine 07-09 22:49:07

we will contact you soon

visitor884 07-09 22:49:23

The material we need to process in irder to extract gold is gravel, sand and clay

Elaine 07-09 22:49:36

i see

visitor884 07-09 22:49:41

In "order" sorry

Elaine 07-09 22:49:48

never mind.

Elaine 07-09 22:50:13

may i ask for your other email or phone? facebook , skype?etc

Elaine 07-09 22:50:24

In case of we can't contact you with the ones that you gave.

visitor884 07-09 22:51:01*****

Skype: *****.

Elaine 07-09 22:51:13

thanks so much

visitor884 07-09 22:51:48

No problem, will be waiting for your reply

Elaine 07-09 22:52:16

thanks for your understanding.we will reply you as soon as possible

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