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On April 11, 2015, the opening ceremony of SBM artificial sand industrial production model line in TianShui, GanSu province was a great success.The participants contains the president of the China Aggregates Association, deputy mayor of Tianshui City, Chairman of TianShui HuaJian and the Senior president of SBM and many news media.

The production line was awarded “The Model of Chinese Artificial Sand Industrial Production Line” by the government. More than 150 delegates from different organizations and enterprises gave a high evaluation to the production line for its technological achievements, economic and social benefits.

Guest Speech

  • Mr. Hu
    President of the China Aggregates Association

    He said that it’s the first 3 million tons high grade aggregate production line in the Northwest region, which is quite environment-friendly. It’s accepted by our experts, and its technology advantages, such as highly integrated, automated, large-scale, energy-saving and environmental protection, are the future of this industry.

  • Mr. Huo
    Deputy mayor of Tianshui City

    Tianshui, located in Southeast in Gansu province, is the Chinese historical and cultural city and it is an important node of the Silk Road Economic Belt. This artificial sand production line project with the output of 3 million per year of Tianshui Huajian Engineering Co., Ltd is one of the important projects for Tianshui Industrial economic transformation and development.

  • Mr. Gou
    Chairman of TianShui HuaJian

    Due to low quality, high clay content and unreasonable grading, natural sand causes many potential safety problems for environment and engineering construction.

    So we use RMB 120 million Yuan build this project. It’s our great honor to be selected as the Model of Chinese Artificial Sand Industrial Production Line. We do hope that it can contribute to the charm of Tianshui.

  • Mr.Shao
    The Senior president of SBM

    This production line takes many advantages, such as it can complete primary crushing and remove sludge, produce three kinds of high value-added product (high grade gravel, fine sand and pure powder), and it ensures zero emissions.

    Both the industrialization & intelligent design and equipped machines from shanghai SBM are world-class ones. And the enterprise can earn its equipments investment in half a year if the sand average price keeps at 20Yuan per ton.

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Project Highlights

SBM undertook all technological design but the workshop, including equipment manufacturing, civil engineering design, the installation and commissioning work.

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