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YKN Series Vibrating Screen







Classical Structural Design

YKN inherits classical structural design of traditional vibrating screen. The whole structure is simple so the equipment installation and adjustment, parts replacement and maintenance get easy and convenient.

Unique Vibration Exciter

Compared with the axis eccentric vibration exciter, the external block eccentric vibration exciter used by YKN series circular vibrating screen has more powerful exciting force. In addition, this design can also easily realize necessary adjustment of the amplitude and frequency of vibrating screen, so as to satisfy different using requirements.

Perfect Transmission Device

During actual uses, traditional circular vibrating screens usually vibrate violently when starting and stopping, which poses threat on life expectancy of motor and belt. So, when designing YKN series, SBM adopts advanced V-belt. Combining with flexible connection technology, the screen won't transmit axial force, thus machine operation getting more stable.

Finite Element Analysis Technology & Advanced Processing Technology

In the design of YKN series circular vibrating screen, we adopt finite element analysis technology to optimize the calculation of screening box, so as to make the load-carrying situations of the whole screening box and side plate more reasonable. In addition, as for processing side plate of screening box, we use large-scale machine tool to directly bend the plate, which effectively avoids the risk of cracking caused by welding.








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