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S5X Series Screen











Stronger SV Vibration Exciter

S5X series screen adopts SV super-energy vibration exciter core to satisfy the higher performance and more complex application conditions during production. This vibration exciter not only owns powerful exciting force, but also can be installed in the inner hole of side plate which can avoid the trouble of replacing one bearing. The integral disassembly, assembly and replacement will only take one hour, time-saving and convenient.

Modular Design Improves Degree of Universalization

S5X's parts, including screen tensioning plate, screen surface batten, screen surface supporting bar, rubber liner plate and screen, all adopt standardized, modular and universalized design. This design reduces the maintenance points of the screen and the types of spare parts, thus guaranteeing the simple and practicable operation and maintenance.

No Welding on Side Plate & Use of High-strength Torsional Bolts

By means of finite element dynamic simulation analysis, all stiffening members on S5X side plate are reasonably arranged, and reach the balance of weight and strength. In addition, S5X side plate is fabricated from a complete plate, for which advanced laser cutting technology is used to make the side plate free from welding. High-strength torsional shear bolts are used in the structure, which make the installation more convenient and faster and achieve higher strength.

Use of Rubber Spring---Lower Noise

The support of S5X vibrating screen uses more expensive rubber spring, which possesses longer service life, stronger corrosion resistance, more stable operation, lower noise, and smaller impact on foundation compared with metal spring.












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