Basalt quarrying equipment show good performance in build concrete

Basalt is very hard and suitable for the raw materials in the production of building materials, abrasives, and cast stone. After basalt quarrying, we should use a series of processing equipment like basalt grinding mill, basalt production line for the processing.

Basalt Features and Applications

Basalt is a volcanic rock with fense and foam structure. It is formed by the magma cooled and solidified in the volcano eruption. The basalt texture is very hard and the Mohs hardness is between 6-8.Basalt has a series of advantages such as, wear compression resistance, low value crushing, corrosion resistance, high adhesion of asphalt, low water absorption, poor conductivity, compression resistance, crushing a low value, corrosion resistance, sticky bitumen attached sex, etc. It is one of the best building materials in the construction of roads, railways, ports, airport runways and other projects. Meanwhile, the excellent compressive and flexural resistance and abrasion resistance of basalt makes it good industrial abrasive materials, filter materials, dry materials, catalysts, construction materials and widely used in interior and outdoor decoration, for example: landscape construction, rockery , house decoration, flooring and so on.

Advantage of Basalt Concrete

Because of its porosity structure, basalt also called pumice. It is hard, fine-grained basalt and can mix in concrete which decreases the weight of concrete. This will not only ensure the durable of basalt concrete construction, while the effect of noise, heat, etc. Lightweight concrete is a good aggregate in high-rise building. Basalt flour also can be made for cement. The chemical composition of the basalt is similar with gabbro and mainly is silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, iron oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, etc. These material meet together may occurs new chemical reaction under the action of alkaline water and improve the basalt activity. Therefore, adding 2.0% -3.4% basalt powders into the raw material for cement, the basalt will improve the efficiency and quality of the cement production efficiency.

SBM Basalt Grinding Mill

In addition to applications such as building stone, the basalt also can be used to produce cast stone. It is harder and more wear-resistant than alloy and is more corrosion-resistant than lead and rubber. Cast stone is a very important material in the total industry. The cast stone is made by melt and casting the basalt, crystallization process, and then annealed, which is inseparable from the basalt grinding mill. Only with the small particles processed by the basalt mill, it can be easy melt. SBM LM vertical grinding mill is a common mill for basalt.

SBM LM series vertical grinding mill is widely used in grinding non-flammable and non-explosive materials which Moh's hardness under 9.3.It has the function of drying, milling, classifier and elevator and fully realize the goal of one machine with multiple functions. The vertical grinding mill has high efficiency and easy to operate with the automatic control systems. It is welcomed by the features of high-efficiency, energy-saving, minimal noise and vibration, low particle escape. With small vibration, low noise, and overall sealing, the mill is very environmental protection.

Basalt Quarrying Process

Basalts are distributed throughout the world. The mining equipment varied in different regions, but the basic process to the exploitation is similar. Basically, basalt quarrying process consists of basalt blasting mining, basalt coarse crushing, basalt fine crushing, basalt screening, basalt milling and so on. Basalt Mohs hardness is 6-8. Therefore, the common equipment of basalt production line is including, basalt vibrating feeder, basalt jaw crusher, basalt impact crusher, basalt cone crusher, vibrating screen, basalt milling machines.

Analysis for Basalt Concrete Market and Benefit

Basalt is a clean natural environment-friendly raw material and can be said to be a panacea cheap material. The composite material manufactured by basalt has natural high dielectric strength and stability to corrosion effects, durability, electrical insulating properties. With the continuous development of basalt composites, the basalt composites will reduce costs, improve quality and stability, enlarge the production rapidly, expand the application areas. It will be greater breadth and depth, increasingly widely used in various industries. Because basalt product has some characteristics which the glass fiber, aramid fiber and carbon fiber does not have, it has an irreplaceable market demand in particular industries. It is understood that there are about 15 production lines around the world for continuous and stabilize basalt fiber production, and its output is less than 4,000 tons, which only 1% of the international market to meet the incremental demand.

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