Crushing and grinding equipment boost the halite mining

Halite has a very large application in our life and the halite mining needs many mining machinery. SBM supply a set of halite crushing equipment and halite grinding machine in the production, which greatly improve the halite yield.

Application of Halite

Rock halite can be prepared from metallic sodium and chlorine after dried, electrolysis. Sodium metal can deoxidize the compound of titanium, zirconium in the metallurgical industry and can be used as good desulfurization agent in the oil refining industry. Chlorine is used to produce a variety of inorganic chemical products and organic chloride.

Halite is also used in the production of artificial seawater, electrochemical corrosion agent, etched aluminum foil and it can also make the winter protection of the road surface by changing the freezing. Halite can also be used to extract useful metals from boundary mine in dissolve metal ore mining method or water metallurgy method.

Halite Mining Procedure

Halite is good, less impurities because it was mined from the ancient deposit which is unpolluted and the halite has high quality. Whether it is used for industrial production or consumption, the first of halite mining is need to find large tracts of halite, then the follow step is blasting, transport, crushing, screening, grinding, cleaning, etc.. The most important step is crushed and grinding.

The crushing is turning the halite ore with 30-100mm to small granule by different levels of processing with halite crushing equipment, eventually becoming the particle size about 2-8mm.This often includes primary crushing, secondary crushing, tertiary crushing and so on. The grinding is making a simple screening for the crushed halite materials and then into the halite grinding machine. All finished product of the aspects can be processed into different fineness specifications according to the different uses.

Halite Crushing Equipment

SBM has all kinds of equipment in the mining machinery. For the halite, it requires three crushing. There will be three different crusher used to process mineral halite.

The SBM Halite jaw crusher is for primary crushing, with several different models, it can meet various crushing requirements. It is designed with flexible discharge opening setting, which allows perfect match with relative equipment. The halite jaw crusher is easy to install, operate and maintain.

The SBM Halite impact crusher is for secondary crushing. As the halite is very soft, which Moh's hardness is about 2-2.5, the halite impact crusher not only effectively increase productivity and promote final product’s shapes, but also significantly reduce the investment cost and operation cost.

The SBM Halite cone crusher is for tertiary crushing. Its unique crushing chamber replace system can quickly replace components in crushing chamber to meet different size requirement.

Halite Grinding Machine

Halite grinding equipment is the most important machine in the halite mining. The engineer of SBM recommended the vertical grinding mill as halite grinding machine. For the machine sets medium crushing, drying, grinding, classifying and other functions as a whole, it will reduce the cost of halite processing. It has the feature of space-saving design, high-efficiency, energy-saving and the particle size adjustment is simple. It is also very environmentally friendly in the processing of halite.

SBM Halite Production Line

SBM halite production line is consisted of many equipment. Usually include halite vibrating feeder, halite jaw crusher, halite impact crusher, halite cone crusher, halite vibrating screen, halite vertical mill and so on. In the past 20 years, by providing professional and personalized production line, SBM occupy the global market with reliable quality and excellent after-sales service, which products are exported to Europe, America and other regions.

World Application Prospect of Halite

Halite is a necessity of human life and it has a wide range of uses in industry and agriculture and other fields. The world's large deposits are found is the Salinas Basin in the northeastern United States, Central Permian Basin and Gulf coastal areas, sodium Fergana basin in Central Asia, the Saxony in Germany. In addition to processing it into edible halite, the chemical industry is one of the basic raw halite. According to statistics, rock halite and its derivatives applying in industry and agriculture is about 15,000 different kinds. Visibly, halite development prospects are very broad.

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